Hello my little kitties,

I could have given to this post a title like “no filter”… These pictures are directly coming from Eleonore Bridge’s camera, without any filter or modification, and this gold light is completely amazing! We took these pictures during the last days of our Canadian trip, at Tofino, the light was so perfect at the end of the day… I could not explain it more than these pictures, it was warm, nightfall, we were on the other side of the world and we knew that this sunlight would not last forever… It was so nice to try to stop this magic moment for a while. You know, when the holidays end it is always the best moment, but time goes so fast, like a sunset…




Time also goes fast when I am with Mai from Super by Timai and that she teaches me how to take into account the colors around me, when Eleonore opened my eyes about light and during magic moments. Well, I was not blind before meeting both of them either… but Mai is very good at teaching and Eleonore really loves sharing her photographic discoveries. I feel like this new scholar year is going to be awesome and I would like to learn more about colors, associations, and being able to take better photographs, maybe I will change my camera…




September is very exciting because it is the right moment to have feedbacks about our January’s good resolutions and take new ones. As I said, I really would like to take some colorful risks and have fun associating audacious colors in my paper creations, drawings, and maybe in new patterns for Wear Lemonade. Do not worry; I do not want you to look like clowns either! Being subtle and just in the color… About photography, I feel like it is never ending (new techniques, modifications, materials, methods) but I will have so much fun in this new office! Then, as I told you yesterday on Instagram, I would like to learn more about lettering! So much work to do! What about you? What are your good resolutions for this new year?




I am wearing an & Other Stories dress but this one is also so adorable. My comfy Levi's jacket, golden shoes from La botte Gardiane, a peacock blue hat from Goorin bought in Vancouver and a new adorable Gemmyo little ring (Ischia).




Translated by Coralie Clair

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30 août, 2015