Mes petits loups des bois

I just came back from my week of holiday and it was SO great, so great because it has been centuries since we didn’t have a NICE and WARM weather in July near Bordeaux for my nano holidays! Happiness... I come back on your comments from last week to thank you again, it really makes me want to keep going and make other series like this one. And the subject seems so adaptable, anyway... It is now impossible for me to put nail polish on without eating an ice cream... I come back to this idea of ice cream because I thought it was obvious that I talked to you about my job by showing you ice cream... Like it’d go hand in with my job... As if my job was a kind of treat, a candy that makes me want to get up in the morning... I find it quite cool even beautiful, even though I sometimes eat bitter sweets... It worths it a hundred times! 

And to let go a little off this job stories, I’d like to tell you a last cute story. Last week my niece Malia, 10,  asked me: Auntie, what actually is your job ? It is hard to explain to a far-from-being-stupid child... And I found myself speechless, I wasn’t going to tell her about set design or artistic direction... 

I should have told her I was a Swiss Army knife... Happy Friday my kitties! 




During this warm friday I’m wearing shoes found on Sarenza, a little Zara skirt from this season, a cropped blouse White Pepper, my Mango necklace that you already know about... And my bag of love remember! Have a wonderful weekend!


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