happy friday 45

Happy Friday my chestnuts!

I wish you a wonderful beginning of weekend and a nice trip for most of you, I feel like all my friends are living Paris. But I like these empty streets... The atmosphere is quite weird, a bit like the calm before the storm, or the end of the world, no less. A pre-catastrophe atmosphere that I like, I feel like I own the town all by myself. 

Anyway, for those of you who stay faithful to my little site (I saw yesterday that you were numerous to come around here, thank you) I wanted to tell you a story... A long long time ago, I posted a happy friday, this one (when I look at the pictures again it makes me smile how we are changing...), on this look I drew a satchel, saying that I’m looking for the perfect bag... And a few days later, the delicious Vanessa from Trumpet by Meister contacts me and tells me that she drew a satchel that I might like, and offers me to send it to me from her creation studio in India. I’m only telling you this anecdote because I feel like it was really crazy to make this blog. All the connexions, the encounters, and to express one’s feelings and to see them getting real... I sometimes think that this little cyber space is like the Genie’s lamp.

Next time I’ll draw a huge ring or maybe bullions I don’t know... I wish you a wonderful weekend, by the way I’ll need you during the next few days, stay around!




Today I’m wearing a Trumpet by Meister satchel, a much loved incredibly loose silk dress from Asos... My H&M x Marni necklace that you’ve seen a hundred times... And home-made and tireless bikers low-boots by Sendra. And a vintage hat bargained last year in New York, but you can find an ersatz like this one...

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