Happy Friday ! 

Kitties, I’m ending this week with looks, three looks actually it is a variation on the same theme... I don’t know if you remember but I already did special weeks, little black jacket, tutu... Well today I wanted to show you how to wear jean shorts, a white silk shirt and tights that make your legs pretty (my autumn uniform) all year long with the right accessorizes. I also really want to make a post like this one with three different ways of wearing a tuxedo (complex challenge). 

Okay, some looks today because it’s been a long time. And next week will be full of food and inspiration you’ll see. Hugs and kisses and have a nice lunch break! Have a good weekend ! 



On all these looks I’m wearing my famous Sonia by Sonia Rykiel shorts already met there, and a silk shirt by Joe Fresh and tights that make your legs look pretty... 

Look 1: battledress for morning meetings and shopping. From head to foot... Adorable ballerinas of whom I got to choose the material, some sort of made-to-measure shoes from Dessine moi un soulier, I talk about it real soon. An Etam pair of polka-dotted tights, my little weakness... A trench that I carry everywhere from Gap. A necklace by Reine Rosalie, and a crazy head band by Cult Gaia, an awesome discovery exclusively sold at Nose, 20 rue Bachaumont in Paris, go and see they really are adorable!

Look 2: Outfit for my business meetings... Little vintage red boots that I love, black leg-warmers bought at the new Etam corner dedicated to tights..., a Rockmafia US leather messenger bag, a necklace that you can do by yourself... And an outdated Zara jacket. 

Look 3: Outfit for a beautiful evening in sight... Breathtakingly high varnished heels by Georgia Rose, Etam hold-ups, a tuxedo jacket from Comptoir des cotonniers, a vintage bow tie and my little piano Asos bag... 

Sweet kisses!

04 octobre, 2013