My little cats, 

I hope you’re all doing well. I wrote this post in my head several times and I thought I’d definitely forget something so here I am today, and if I forget anything or if you have questions just let me know and I’ll answer in the comments below. I should warn you, it is going to be a long one…

Several people asked me about how I make money and other details regarding having a blog. First I have to say I felt like a Secretary of State who’d been asked to prove its credentials by revealing its real estate ! And then I thought yes, after all if the blog exists and works it is thanks to you and I could explain how it works to you. 

To be short, I don’t live from the money I make with the blog, this website isn’t my primary source of income. I am extremely lucky to do what I love and to have a flexible work. Today I feel like my days last 48h, I’m working like crazy, I love it, while staying sound-minded and keeping the burn-out away - I hope so. I have a million ideas, desires and things going on at the same time, I’m like a juggler who drops a ball from time to time but catch it with the foot. I know I have trouble « getting off » but I’m working on it. NO PAIN NO GAIN.




The blog makes money with affiliated links, collaborations, product placements, banners, workshops etc… But I also have a job, I do set design/artistic direction, stylization, advice and various unclassifiable things. I let you imagine my excel table at the end of the month.

You may think that I make money off of you, or in that case your eyes. I say « I » but I think I’m not the only « girl with a blog » who thinks that. But considering all the time taking pictures, writing an article (and I don’t even talk about the DIY), editing videos, looking up informations and so on, take… I think it’s normal to earn money for it. And all the time I spend on make my lemonade, I don’t spend it working on my other activities or with my family and friends. I’m not complaining because, once again, I choose it and it’s a pleasure to work but all work has its merits.

You’re going to say that the blog must remain a free space of pure love and sharing. But love and sharing do not fill up my fridge and pay my rent. You can also say that my collaborations make things less authentic, that I could loose my freedom of speech. Well, let me reassure you I remain free of my choices, I decline paid operations because I don’t see the point of talking to you about a product you’ll hear on 12 other blogs in the ongoing month, but this is actually a luxury because I have other source of incomes.



Affiliated links

For those of you who aren’t hyper connected, let me tell you what they are. There are several  platforms on which you have to create an account and register for affiliation programs: you have the « Amazon » program, the « Asos » program or the « Top shop » program and there are hundreds of thousands of them. Once you’ve registered you can generate tracked links. Those links are highlighted text-blocks on which you click to see the product from its source, like normal link except these are tracked because you have the name of the platform at the beginning of the URL. And if you buy the product from my link, I get a percentage (from 5 to 10% depending on the program) it doesn’t mean you’re going to pay more but that « Topshop » will trim its margin rate to pay me for the visibility I gave it. I admit I don’t win crazy amount of money because I don’t make so many looks but it is discreet and doesn’t flicker away. 


I could say THE banner because I’m obsessive about aesthetics and I only want one. I have an ad sales agency who represents many websites. It offers me collaborations, banners and other product placements that I choose to accept or not. When there are several campaigns with banners at the same time, you will only see one at a time because there is a shifting system in place: when you refresh your page, the banner changes. And I get money only if you click on them, once again you’re force to nothing. 

Collaborations and other product placements

As you may have seen, I don’t exaggerate… Because here is the thing, I only accept them when I feel we won’t be 45 girls to talk about a new revolutionary mascara… I’m no saint but I really think that above everything else I want to do something creative, to have something interesting to say and finally I’m trying to put myself in your shoes and find the « reader benefit ». If there is a collaboration I tell you in the article; it was the case with Armani and the lipsticks last October, I precisely had carte blanche, it was creative and I really had fun making that article.




And I repeat myself but I am lucky enough to be able to decline some operations but if I can afford that it’s because the blog isn’t my only source of incomes and it allows me to keep my editorial line like I want it to be. I want to remain free to choose my partnerships and I want them to trust me to create contents that are different, a bit like my clients in my others activities: I love imagining creative things from a good briefing at the start, like a bill of specifications, then I go from there and have fun…

I’m realistic about the fact that today blogs are trendy and brands that underestimate these new influencers have serious reason to worry but I remain certain that you should do thing with intelligence and not do anything only because there is money in the end.

And to return to our subject today I’m wearing an H&M jacket from an old collection but in the same glittery with a crazy pattern spirit you can look at this one, a also old New Look shirt but you thankfully UO is still here! A Kutjen sweater, MIH jeans and Sarenza heels.


14 mars, 2014