Happy friday my little cats! 
I hope you’re doing great, and yes another week is gone ! How crazy ! I have little surprises for you during the upcoming days… A sewing DIY for tomorrow, another surprise on Sunday and a Theme week starting monday ! It fills me with a giant satisfaction to successfully complete projects I wanted to see come true for a long time. 
The sewing templates project is also making great progress. I think about it so hard I might burn a few neuron in the process, about costs, packagings, instructions… It is a very very exciting new rendez-vous. I talk I talk I talk and I forget the main thing: the weekly happy friday ! 




A few months ago now, I was contacted by Laurence and Fabrice the two characters of "L’instant Parisien". So on Tuesday we met in the quite sad weather of the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Between two smoking tea we made some cinemagraphs together on the abandoned rails at the Buttes Chaumont, a great moment quite out of time. 
But what is the difference between cinemagraph and gif ? Well, cinemagraphs are minor repeated movements filmed and exported as gif. The result is that only the movement is permanent and flowing whereas the entire decor is steady like a picture. Last week a reader wrote a comment saying that my gifs made her think about the animated newspaper in the Harry Potter saga. Well the cinemagraphs are exactly like that. It clear is the Rolls Royce of the gif, the n°5 of the animated image. And it’s the specialty of the L’instant Parisien website! It really makes me want to do some… But when Fabrice tells me it sometimes takes 4 to 5 hours to make one cinemagraph, I have to admit it discourages me a little. I try to make some at my own level but exporting files on photoshop is always very unpredictable and it was confirmed by Fabrice… To be continued ! You can find these gems here!




Let’s get to the point: I’m wearing an Antipodium dress, an Asos perfecto, a Reine Rosalie earring. A Le Tanneur handbag. And I’m sticking to my guns by wearing TopShop socks with Sézane heels. 




Thank you Fabrice and Laurence for this making of !! 


Lisa Gachet Makemylemonade & L'Instant Parisien from Fabrice Le Dantec on Vimeo.

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