Bonjour my little kittens!

I hope you are doing well! And that you got the chance to enjoy the little ray of sun that made a surprise appearance today! I’m nothing but love, not really love but happy, you know, life is sweet, crazy but sweet. I’m so pleased to see my projects coming to life, and I feel like you have always been such a loyal audience, and that my work has had an impact on you, it’s such a gratifying feeling, on a daily basis. One reader aptly said “A clothing line created by you but brought to life by us,” I so want to tell you what comes after, but I have to try to maintain some semblance of surprise…Even though I am sure that some of you have probably already guessed what’s coming next…




So today I’m wearing the blouse called Bianca from the  previous article with a heart-shaped pocket with “My moon” embroidered on it, which I keep close to my heart. Alert, Cheeeeessy! You got me, I’m the kind of girl you want to choke, happy and in love, what a nightmare… I wish you all the happiness in the world, that you work hard to turn your projects into a reality, that you take care of yourself, and not forget about your own needs, and may you wholeheartedly believe in your dreams, and stick it out until you achieve your goals! There you have it, I warned you, I’m full of nothing but love.




Ok so, I am actually happy despite my pouting face with a berry crown on my head…nah, come on! And quite honestly, when we did this photo shoot at the Palais Royal (Royal Palace) with Pauline Darley, there were sadistic little drops of rain, and yes rain can be sadistic sometimes, when it’s somewhere between a mist and Breton rain (no offense intended towards Brittany), which made me not the happiest camper. In reality I was so happy to see Pauline, content with herself after having made me a crown out of flowers in a matter of minutes, I felt like dancing for joy. A crown for the “Queen” of the forest, like I had seen on Pinterest...




Today I’m wearing the blouse Bianca, a Liu Jo coat, boyfriend jeans by Samsoe Samsoe, a pair of Sarenza boots  and an all-purpose handbag by Liu Jo and a crown of flowers from DIY Minute! Sending you many kisses, and I’ll see you real soon! 




Translated By Ida Driscoll

27 février, 2015