Happy Friday my kitties!

I know, for the people who follow me for a while, you have been a bit surprised to see my hair jungle in my previous post… It is summer time, my hair goes fairer and grows, and feeling my hair tickling the top of my back is a good sensation! I also have to admit that I would like to have long hair again, but not too much… Then, there is my wedding preparation and I want lots of hair; not necessary a bun but we will see the artist’s inspiration on the D-Day…




Talking about hair, I can do that for hours… For a long time, I wanted to follow the trend or rather the shorthair temptation, but I am a real hair-lazy person and to go to the hairdresser every 15 days is not really my style. Then, you have to brush it every morning… and sometimes I just want to have a bun! I feel like I have always been a follower. I explain, when someone told me “I love your shorthair”, “you look like a doll with long hair”, o even when my mom said she “loved” me with long hair but preferred to see my face, my friends, my loves, and so on… I often had the sensation to follow their advice just to make them happy and finally recently, I looked at my hair experimentations and asked myself what really was my favorite look. Just to say that I think I finally found myself and made peace with my hair! Yeah! I like this long bob hair cut period between Sophie Marceau in the French movie “La Boom” and the model Freja Beha, and I am now looking for the perfect hair color… I promise, I will not be platinum blonde again, but I will probably try something in the same theme…




Hair break. Today is a little “back to school” Happy Friday, but not too much, I will keep wearing my Paloma dungarees to meet the Indian summer with my Ikea straw basket used as school bag… I am trying to save the holiday spirit as much as I can! By the way, I did not remove the Canadian sand I had in my Stan Smith… 




To find the perfect combo, I mixed my dungarees and my summer basket with a fluid trench and a pair of crazy shoes! Now you think I am crazy to ride a bike with 12cm heels… Yes I really did and not only for the picture… You have to practice before but it is very practical and my feet do not hurt at the end of the day!




Today I am wearing an H&M trench you already saw here, a stripped crop top from Asos, Wear Lemonade dungarees, I advise you to choose one size down your usual size, here I am wearing a size S. A lovely pair of shoes from Gordana Dimitrijevic and an Ikea bag!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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21 août, 2015