Hello my little lemons!

I was in the metro this morning and I was thinking about what I wanted to tell you today. And then, I quickly though about my way of writing and topics I already talked to you about. I would like to talk about cleavages and boobs but it has to wait a little until I found the appropriate moment… Anyway, while reading my previous posts, I have to admit that I always look so impatient. I often use sentences like “cannot wait to be there”, “cannot wait to tell you”, “cannot wait to show you”. You know what? It is so exhausting to be like that. It is also strange to prepare the next step whereas the previous one is not finished yet. I wanted to thank you because it is a long journey; I always talk to you about it, but I cannot really enjoy the good moments. It is thanks to this blog and your words that I noticed it and I now would like to calm down and control my frenetic impatience and stop being always so excited about everything (of course I will not be able to totally deny who I am).




I just want to enjoy the work that has been done when the project comes out. Finally it is mental gymnastics and training. Last time I was really living in the moment, was when I did some meditation with Head Space. I need to find at least 15 minutes in the morning to empty my mind and listen to myself.




One paragraph later, I am still so excited so I think there is some work to do… I just cannot wait to be in October, say “Yes I do” to the love of my life, go away with him for a trip, shoot the new Wear Lemonade collection and receive the Jonak shoes. So I need to calm down, life is beautiful and I have to enjoy each little moment of happiness with you!




To come back to the main topic, I would like to introduce to you my “bad student” outfit (pictures taken by the lovely Julie Perrot)! I am wearing a Monki dress, a Mademoiselle Tara coat, Falke socks, and Clarks shoes… Hair cut: Cut by Fred ;) I send you big kisses and thanks again.

Translated by Coralie Clair

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04 septembre, 2015