Happy Friday my little kitties!

I am so happy to show you these pictures. First of all, because I love this Lola dress! I chose to make it in silk and in a longer version. I loved the fabric and Julie Perrot, while filming the tutorial, gave me the idea to make it longer. Thus, I made it in the next few hours. Made of silk, the dress is very light and already in my suitcase for the holidays, ready to be worn because she is like that Lola, always ready… The silk comes from Sacrés Coupons and you will need 3m of fabric to sew the longer version of Lola! Secondly, I love these pictures because Martin Condomines from Say Cheers took them. Martin is the photographer who is going to capture our wedding and I am very happy he accepted to work with us because his work is very nice, different and obviously not conventional at all… I also love these pictures because I discovered the Gardens of the Greenhouses of Auteuil this day and I have already posted an outfit from another part of this place but the park that surrounds the greenhouse is just magic. It is a kind of time travel, everything is so quiet, wonderfully flowery and these greenhouses are so poetic and romantic! I whish I would have discovered this place before.




Thirdly, I like these pictures because I am wearing my crazy shoes offered by my friends and love for my last birthday, the love shoes. They are from Louboutin and I wore a higher version for the plan B dress pictures that the brand nicely lent me. However, to be honest, I could not walk with them; I do not have the “thin Louboutin” foot so I dreamt of these heart pumps much lower, and I really liked the idea to have flat Louboutin shoes in my collection…




Finally, I like these pictures because I am just in love with this Tara Jarmon red cape and it is also the brand of my wedding dress… I will not tell more about it because in addition to the plan B dress that I am going to wear for the civil wedding, I also have another dress. For the lay ceremony and the party, I found the dress of my dreams and luckily Tara Jarmon made it! I cannot wait to show you more! I send you big kisses and I am going to enjoy my last hours as Mademoiselle.




Translated by Coralie Clair
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