Hello my little chickens!

Today I am going to talk to you about a lot of very important things including our Wear Lemonade Christmas sale! Yes, the sale will last 3 days… from Friday the 4th at 12am to Saturday and Sunday the 6th (from 11am to 7pm)! Yeah! Save the dates! During this sale, you will be able to find lots of exclusive gifts ideas but also few pieces from our oldest collections (discount prices) and of course the current collection with the silk blouses!! It is going to be Christmas! The sale will take place at the Lemonade Studio that we are going to transform, especially for the occasion, in a real boutique with fitting rooms! Do not hesitate to come with your friends, sisters, mom or even your lover to give him some inspiration! I cannot wait to see you there and to transform the studio to welcome you!




Another important topic I would like to talk to you about: jumpsuits… You know how much I love them. I think I could only wear them at the moment, I do not know why but when it is winter I am a kind of closet-lazy person. The jumpsuit is easy to wear, you only need to put it on with a nice pair of shoes, and a coat and you are ready. As I like to be very cozy at the moment, I only wear bodies as underwear. Do you see what I mean? Well, it is not very practical sometimes but I can save time during the morning because I am not trying 12 different outfits on… I think I can also be able to add tights under my jumpsuit to avoid the 2nd sock hunt…




I found this jumpsuit on Asos and I customized it changing the string by a baby blue one. I love it! I find the color so cool, very “particular” and it is different from all my grey outfits. When I wore it for the first time, my lover told me: “Did you make it yourself?” I asked him that I did not… and he seemed relieved. He confessed me that it was not his favorite outfit… #diplomacy. Then, I was thinking about all the pieces we love but that men do not. I guess it is a matter of habit because I am so happy wearing my jumpsuits that he is finally trying to accept them.




I am wearing an Asos jumpsuit, a Zara coat, a hat from Goorin Bros that I found in Vancouver but they have an eshop, the Diego boots Jonak x Wear Lemonade! I see you next weekend?


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-diy-happy-friday-1Thanks Olitax for the pictures!

Translated by Coralie Clair
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27 novembre, 2015