Happy Friday darlings! I’m just passing by to say hello, I’m writing you from Portugal with Laure. We’re creating a little ‘making­of’ behind the scenes for the next collection and to take back some prototypes to do a photo shoot this weekend! I can’t wait to show you. I think it’s one of the coolest collections that we’ve come up with so far, I can’t wait for it all to be online! You’ll see, style changes, but I think that we grow up too and we’ve tried to make different difficulty levels available, I think there will be something for everyone!
So today I’d like to show you the “I love Paris” outfit. Okay even if its gloomy out, I wanted to share a “Parisian or Die” look... The other day I went in a Levi’s store and asked for a straight legged jean, for a “Inès de la Fressange” style. They knew exactly what I was talking about... ankles rolled up with a pair of ballet flats, a loose striped shirt, a trench coat and loose, messy hair of course...
Today it’s also a Happy Friday special on hair, don’t raise your eyebrows at me like that! It’s been a while since I haven’t let my hair down, I think that the last time was for my wedding... In these pictures I just had my hair done by Cut By Fred, and I have a brand new color thanks to Casting Crème Gloss, done by the color genius, Christophe Robin. Clash of the titans on my head over here. The dream. Tomorrow I’ll show you the video about it, but until then I won’t say anymore... see you tomorrow!
I’m wearing a H&M striped shirt, a Comptoir des Cotonniers trench coat, Levi’s 501 jeans refitted at Taylor Shop des Champs, a pair of Louboutin flats, a vintage belt, and my hair is colored with Casting Crème Gloss color “525 Chocolat Ganache”.
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-happy-friday-casting-creme-gloss-2 Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
15 janvier, 2016