Happy Friday my darlings! Ah, this end­of­winter light! I love it, the smell of spring time, it makes me so happy. I think it has something to do with the fact that this morning I finally had hot water in my new apartment (no need to go to the gym every day anymore!), and that I now live 500 meters from Lemonade Studio and that we have a NEW website!! Nothing but good news! Do you see that happy girl? Yep, that’s me! I’m so happy to be closer to the office and forget about the subway, to walk to work and I love the area around the Faubourg Saint Denis street, with it’s private courtyards and covered passageways. I’ve been looking for the opportunity to shoot a Happy Friday behind one of those doors for a while! I am truly ecstatic! I’d like to use this energy to literally move mountains or maybe start by building a kitchen...
I have a ton of ideas and I admit I’ve been holding back on posting while waiting for the new website. By the way, I wanted to let you know that we haven’t swapped yellow for pastel pink but for all the Pantone colors in the world, because we’re going to change as we please! This probably seems completely crazy, but a special week is coming up, especially since an article on “good people” comes out on the website Sunday! I met an amazingly inspiring business manager and I’m sure you’ll like her! I read quite a few of your comments asking for more articles on the theme of entrepreneurship. I really like this idea, it’s going to take some time, but I think I’d like to write more articles with interviews. And over the last open house days, a reader gave us the idea that it would be interesting to hear about the backgrounds of different Lemonade Studio people... but would you like that?
In other good news this week (that should make many of you happy), no, it’s not the return of Girls, nor the announcement that there’ll be a season two of Making a Murderer... but the comeback of the giant Georgia tote bag! I’ve been trying it out for months, it’s perfect for everything, picking up toys lying around, going to the beach (yeah, yeah, I’m getting a little carried away but I’m getting ready...). Today in addition to Wear Lemonade’s huge Georgia, I’m wearing chic Samsoe Samsoe overalls (oh, the Danish...), a glitter sweater with a bow from the adorable brand, Sister Jane, and a mustard colored Asos jacket. As for accessories, a beautiful Karuna Balloo flower and Shellys London shoes! Next week we’ll do an another Happy Friday with a new haircut!

Pictures by Olitax for Make My Lemonade <3

Translated by Whitney Bolin

04 mars, 2016