Happy Friday my darlings! Well, it’s done. My hair has been cut, I can now feel a little breeze on my neck. But I must admit that I already want it shorter, a little less ‘sensible’... I don’t really know what’s going on but recently my hair has been flat, smooth, and boring, while I dream of having beachy waves and huge curls. It looked amazing when I left Fred’s expert hands, but I must confess I’m hopeless with a diffuser and I have zero patience with a curling iron, so I think we’re in a transitional phase here. It’s freshened up my look and I already feel like I carry myself differently with bare shoulders.
I think it’s crazy, this never­ending cycle of capillary dissatisfaction. While flipping through a magazine or looking at pictures, my heart may skip a beat for a long­haired redhead and I’ll only think about that do for months and then all of a sudden, I’ll change my mind and then only swear by long platinum blonde locks. I don’t know, I’d like to find peace with my hair, I assure you. So I’m going on a quest for the perfect inspiration for my hair type, easy to take care of day­to­day, that nicely grows back without going through an awkward phase, but is above all feminine and fun to stylize with accessories! And you know what? I’m going to find it! 2016 will be the year of the ‘Hair Grail’!
In addition to loosing 15 centimeters of hair this week, I was contacted by Nike to create a small set design for the new launch of their cherry blossom sneakers. My idea was to imagine a look inspired by their collection’s printed motifs and recreate the floral patterns with our little watercolored cherry branches. And I found the perfect opportunity to go shoot some pictures with Olitax in a magical place, the Water Lily rooms at the Musée de l’Orangerie. I’ve always been fascinated by a giant poster of the Water Lilies in my parent’s living room, so to see these water lilies in real life blew me away, as if I fell right into Monet’s work. Its monumental size is breathtaking. For those that have never been, I suggest you go early in the morning, that way you’ll have Claude all to yourself (for the most part). Obviously, you know how much I love pink, so I decided to run with it. Dressed head to toe in pink with a pair of Nikes, I think sneakers are sure­fire way to tone down a risky outfit that might at first seem over the top...
  Cette semaine je porte une combinaison rose pastel Agnès B. (pas transparente c'est important de le noter !), un chapeau prototype Wear Lemonade (peut-être à venir,  je croise les doigts), un manteau Tara Jarmon bleu marine (que j'ai piqué à Charlotte le temps de cette séance photo), des chaussettes rayées grises Monoprix (bleu marine aurait été trop radical), et évidemment une paire de Air Max cherry Blossom (qui existe aussi en Cortez juste en dessous) !
This week I’m wearing Agnès B. coveralls (please note that they’re not transparent!), a prototype Wear Lemonade hat (coming soon, fingers crossed), a navy blue Tara Jarmon coat (that I borrowed from Charlotte just for the shoot), striped gray socks from Monoprix (navy blue would have been too much) and a pair of Cherry Blossom Air Max of course (that are also available below in Cortez)!
Sending you hugs and kisses, see you tomorrow. To those that can’t access pictures on the website, not to worry. You just need to clear your browser’s cache (if you’re on a Mac, press “command + Shift+R”). Everything should be reset today, but please let us know about any bugs! Thank you for your kind help! Hugs and kisses, see you this weekend for a behind­the­scenes ‘making of’!
  happy-friday-84-make-my-lemonade Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
11 mars, 2016