Happy Friday my darlings! At the last open house, a reader asked me if I could do an article on how to mix Wear Lemonade pieces with other clothes from one’s closet. So today I’m going to focus on the Chiara dress, or knee­length dresses in general, with six different looks that I hope you’ll find inspiring! I was wondering if during the next office open house we should set up a ‘question box’ for those who are a little shy... the team and I are thinking about organizing meetups/sales/workshops in several different cities as a sort of ‘Lemonade Tour’ (sorry Beyoncé, I’m going to steal that one from you) throughout France’s largest cities. To be continued...
In this picture I’m wearing the Chiara dress with Asos espadrilles that I literally will not take off, I need to find them in every color, by the way Sézane makes them with lemons... And I’ve mixed up the outfit with a vintage military jacket, camouflaged or not, polka dotted or not, with a hunter green wicker hat from Goorin Bros. Cool khaki colors + navy blue + hunter green with yellow = a good combination!
In this picture, I’m wearing the Chiara dress in yellow sorbet with a powder pink Schott Perfecto Jacket, still with espadrilles (photoshopped to change the color) but I would have liked to wear mint green or mauve ballet flats, like something you’d see on Pinterest, with a wicker April Shower basket. The idea was to go all the way with a ‘maid of honor’ look, the jacket adding a unique touch while still being candy colored.
I didn’t put together any examples with the three Chiara silk dresses but the silk version is perfect for your special occasions and after­wedding brunches. Even if you won’t be attending the Élysée’s (White House’s) garden party, you’ll shine in this dress at your best friend’s wedding... So my advice for the silk versions is to dress up as much as possible, sugary sweet, with a bed head hair and thick eyeliner for a twist or a unique touch like a pink motorcycle or bomber jacket. Otherwise go in the complete opposite direction, I’m sure it would look cool paired with some Doc Martens, a jean jacket, a military jacket, or otherwise a striped vest, or even an embroidered shrug jacket, have fun with it! If there’s ever a time to let your imagination go wild, it’s at a wedding!
Here I’m wearing the Chiara with a &other Stories belt but it goes well with any kind of colored belt, a André x Apologie lemon purse and magical, golden pumps from Jonak (one day I’ll tell you about this pair, it’s a story about a kiss, a Dane, and a slow dance in a fountain, shoes wet).
For a cooler, every day version, I’ll wear the blue version of the Chiara dress with Stan Smith shoes and striped, glittery Wear Lemonade socks and a Jour/né two­tone jacket, but it goes with any colorful, casual jacket.
make-my-lemonade-wear-lemonade-robe-chiara074 The blue Chiara is like a good friend to me. It can be worn to work and then dressed up with accessories for the evening. Since it has a boat neck, I like to wear any kind of jacket on top! It creates a nice graphic detail and interesting lines around the face. It also works with a scoop neck vest, overalls, a shirt jacket, a motorcycle jacket... Go ahead and dress it down with a pair of Converse and a shirt knotted around the waist, at the office, beach, out to eat: the ‘bleu en chambray’ (chambray blue) is versatile!
I’m wearing the Chiara satin­stitch dress with the classic Petit Bateau yellow jacket. Those who watch Girls will get the hommage to Marni and her rainy wedding. With a pair of Asos ballet flats that blister my feet but are so adorable I can’t get rid of them...
And here I’m having fun wearing the Chiara dress like the casual bride that I wasn’t, with a jean jacket, gold pumps, and a little wreath of baby’s­breath flowers in my hair. I think it’s a good alternative for a Pacs (civil solidarity pact) or civil wedding dress... you can do whatever you please with it!
To be honest, I’ve been fantasizing about you getting married in Wear Lemonade. At the Lemonade Studio we get a lot of pictures of you in ‘Lolita’ style wedding dresses and every time my heart skips a beat! So why not tie the knot in the satin­stitch Chiara, it’s soft and lined, so you don’t have to worry about it being see­through. I admit I love little white dresses, I have a nice sized collection... these are my ‘little black dresses’ for summertime. I just need some nice weather to have a festival in white! To wear a little white dress for an occasion besides your wedding, I suggest pairing it with color for a ‘color block’ look, otherwise take another route, matching it with a black leather motorcycle jacket (something we should all have in our closets), temporary tattoos on your arms (I tried Laclaire studio’s, so cute), black nail polish, sneakers or black low top Converse. Anyways, everything goes with the Chiara! I must say, you’ve welcomed it with open arms! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see how you wear it and your creations made from the pattern! Don’t forget to share pictures of your Chiaras on our Community page, we look forward to seeing what fabrics you’ve chosen! Hugs and kisses! Translated by Whitney Bolin
20 mai, 2016