Happy Friday guys! The story behind this photo shoot is actually kind of funny. It all started one afternoon at the Lemonade Studio. I was running around Paris trying to find clothes in different press offices to get ready for a big photoshoot. It was August and since the majority of Parisians had left for summer break, open press offices are rare. I’ll tell you another time about the joys of working in August for a series that’ll be out soon and I needed winter clothes. I was able to find some brands that were still working and that were up for loaning me a few pieces. Usually, when the clothes arrive at the Lemonade Studio and everything is there, I try them on... I like to take advantage of the opportunity to pick some clothes that could help us make up outfits for the blog! It always gets a little wild when I’m putting an outfit together, but I love it.
I remember that that day, it was snack time. The Lemonade Team was camped out on the couch, baffled watching me try on colorful clothes made for models that haven’t snacked since 2002 (that’s another story...). And then, I tried on this amazing skirt, I didn’t realize how beautiful it was, its’ pleats, fabric, color. Simply magnificent. I was in sneakers, a skirt, and bra, it was 4 pm at the office in the middle of August.
It was great, but what are you supposed to wear with such an amazing skirt... that’s the question! I tried some things, which isn’t like me, and as usual, I tried to balance the skirt’s fullness, to wear its’ opposite... what’s story is it trying to tell? It says “yes, I’m beautiful, I’m extraordinary, I’m so pretty, thanks for treating me with respect or for being crazy enough to wear me with something completely different”. The skirt knows how to put someone under pressure. So, speaking of messages, I was thinking that I needed a t-shirt that had something to say, a metal band t-shirt, or something like a Coca Cola ad...
And then it hit me! Sitting across from me was Simoné, alias Olitax, our Picture Prince, eating a Saint-Môret toast in his NASA t-shirt for snack time. Simoné, my favorite Italian, took off his t-shirt, hot in the office, and voilà, it worked, a jean jacket and pair of pink Adidas Gazelles and we were ready. When I think back, August was such a good month at the office...
Meanwhile, Simoné put on a t-shirt and we went to take some pictures at the Tuileries fair. We had big plans for this look, the ferris wheel, the turning swings... I think that we had vertigo that day! Between laughing like crazy and being embarrassed, we finally got to shoot this Happy Friday on the ground, where we’re much more comfortable!
I’m sending hugs and kisses your way! For this Happy Friday I wore a Tara Jarmon skirt, a vintage NASA t-shirt but I’m sure you can find one on Amazon, pink Adidas Gazelles, and an Asos jean jacket. See you very, very soon! Photos were taken by the talented man of good taste, Olitax. No beautiful skirt suffered any harm while taking these pictures, the Tuileries dust came right off... Translated by Whitney Bolin
09 septembre, 2016