My darlings, summer’s over. Thank you for your kind words when we announced our first pop-up shop, they made me so happy! If you only know how they inspire us... My nights are getting shorter and I’m trying to think of everything down to the last detail: the playlists, the lighting, the size of the store... is the furniture going to be ridiculously small? What about the hangers? And the payment system? And most important of all, are we going to get our merchandise in time?! Say a little prayer, light a candle on your desk for us, surround us with good vibes, please! I know they’ll go a long way. The big challenge for us is that we’re going to get the keys to the store just two short days before opening day. I really thought that the hard stuff was over and behind us! Well you know what? It’s not, we’re dealing with it right now! But I think that it’s a habit, getting into difficult situations, and it won’t happen again!
Yesterday I went to the opening of “l’appartement Simone”. It’s an awesome place, located at 140 rue de Rivoli, meant to do you good with yoga and athletic classes, a healthy café, and a co-working zone. Everything is very tastefully done, with lots of Paper Mint wall paper everywhere, which helps of course... And well, I started to feel the pressure. Not bad pressure, but the pressure to succeed. I want everyone to feel good at our place too. I would like it to be beautiful, so that everyone wants to take pictures, and take a little piece of it to go with them! Our excitement is at an all time high!
The hardest part is keeping everything going, taking care of accounting, meeting clients, turning in projects, getting posts ready when all I want to do is put on my overalls and go paint the furniture and make paper flowers... You know, at the end of college, I knew that getting an entire collection ready and presenting it to professionals was a huge opportunity. I wanted everything to be perfect so I wouldn’t regret anything. Well, right now I feel the same way, it’s great! I wish you a happy Friday! Just so you know, tonight I’m at Nantes with Birchbox, come by and see us. You can find info here, but hurry since tickets are limited! Monday, I’ll be back at the Lemonade Studio to do some work and on Tuesday I’ll be in Lyon at the OKKO hotel!
Today I’m wearing flowy Julyen Carcy pants found on the website L’exception, a Maison LaBiche t-shirt, an amazing Indira Paris scarf, a vintage braided bag, and my favorite shoes by Robert Clergerie. Ok, well you can’t really see them but this isn’t the last of them, also available on L’exception! I put this Happy Friday shoot together with L’exception, the help of the talented Charlotte Navio, and my makeup was done by the lovely Ophélie Secq. Translated by Whitney Bolin.
23 septembre, 2016