Purple turban Zelda Citroën, and paper fruits by MrPrintables, necklace found in Malaysia, an Asos lemon top and an H&M skirt.
My little cats, my butter biscuits, 
I’m sorry I wasn’t there as often as I would have liked for this theme week. I’m not going to give you details because it’s not the place to do so but I was preoccupied with not so funny personal things. All that aside I’m happy to show you this photo shoot with the very talented Charlotte Abramow, at the lemonade studio we can’t have enough of her! I wanted to revisit the spirit of Carmen Miranda’s movies, starting with Weekend in Havana ! But I didn’t want to be too literal about it, no realistic fruited headband but paper ones, colors but not too many flounces, some editorial craziness but still urban. 



Scarf Cléo Ferin Mercury, Flower Karuna Balloo, Necklace Marion Godart, and crazy dress by Asos
We prepared this shoot while preparing the Anais Anais one, the office became a colorful dressing room where tutus mixed with giant crochet fruits from Anne Claire Petit. I have to admit it was completely awesome to look for items with colorful patterns to mix them together: it’s my favorite thing right now. 




Strapless dress Tara Jarmon, skirt Asos, shoes River Island, turban Zelda Citroën x Reine Rosalie, Flowers Karuna Balloo, earrings and ring N2. Giant crochet strawberry Anne Claire Petit.
The goal of this photo shoot was to transport you to a #purelycuban universe, exotic, colorful and fruited! So you can expect some cocktail recipes of course, but also a food-related video and goodies, I think it’s awesome to have such freedom with the blog. 




Scarf and blouse Tara Jarmon, skirt Derhy, vintage golden bracelets, banana bracelet Marion Godart, blackberry earrings  N2, socksDoré Doré, and shoesWhat For and awesome lemon by Anne Claire Petit.

I don’t know if you remember but during the last fashion week, Nelly from Make My Beauty made my crazy with her yellow make-up on the eyes, for Thomsen! Well she was kind enough to come on a very early Saturday morning to do my make-up for this photo shoot. I only have one idea in ming ever since: find this Nars yellow blush… By the way I’m about to try one of these coaching make up classes, I really want her to teach me how to do this « Glow » face. My nails are lemon yellow of course, it’s a Nailmatic nailpolish, the SOWA shade. 




Turban Zelda Citroën x Reine Rosalie, strawberry hat Karuna Balloo, earrings N2. Jacket Derhy, honeycombed dress Maje, yellow tutuAsos, socks Doré Doré and sneakers Le coq sportif.
And we also worked with the talented Alexandra Bruel for this shoot (which I don’t need to introduce to you now!). With Alex we are currently collaborating to work on projects that we really care about… Projects in which we can experiment new media and we really want to make so wallpapers, jewelry, serigraphy… So for this shoot, it was the beginning of our paradise print and polka-dot wallpaper. Our little project, our group of two is named POUR L’AMOUR (for love). To be continued! 



 Turban Zelda Citroën x Reine Rosalie, tragic in American Apparel x Nathalie du Pasquier, and collar Carven, golden bracelets by Chic Alors, and resin bracelets by Scooter.



Watermelon socks Doré Doré, nailpolish Nailmatic, #purelycuban (follow the #purementcubain hashtag for beautiful adventures), suitcase Bakker made with love, sunglasses Jimmy Fairly, shoes River Island, Bracelet Scooter.
So, did you enjoy it ? Sweet kisses and take care of yourselves during this weekend ! 



make-my-lemonade-happy-friday-carmen-miranda-10  Turban Zelda Citroën x Reine Rosalie, tragic en American Apparel x Nathalie du Pasquier, and collar Carven, Golden Bracelets by Chic Alors, and resine bracelets by Scooter, pants Tara Jarmon, shoes Morgan.

06 juin, 2014