Happy friday my kitties ! 

No DIY for today but for tomorrow ! Actually I’m like a kid, I couldn’t wait to show you these pictures! I wanted to surprise you by showing you not one look but three little and easy ones, and a nice photo shooting with the sweet and talented Pauline Darley that I met a while ago on a Reine Rosalie shooting. If you don’t know her work yet you absolutely have to lose yourself on her very inspiring website!

Sometimes I want to make this blog evolve into a sort of online magazine, with less looks but beautiful collaboration like this one, with several silhouettes like some mini sets you know... And I’d like to collaborate with all kind of people. With Pauline, we wanted to work together for a while and a few months ago we talked about this idea that never left me since «In the navy»... And because of the bad weather the photo shooting was postponed a great number of times... But between two sunny spells, last wednesday we did it! We did it... 

 I can’t wait to read your reactions about this crazy ship’s boy story... And I’m eager to introduce you to the work of another love of photographer... And of more very talented chicks, to be continued... 




I’m wearing a American Apparel stripe sailor T-shirt, and a striped shirt (that I made in another life...), a small vintage sailor hat, a pair of jean shorts, tights from my gambette box, and a pair of Louboutins (thank you Justine B.)


Look 2


I’m wearing a mini sailor dress from Asos, my Bershka blue leather coat, the sailor hat, tights from my gambette box, and Louboutins (dying.)




I had thigh boots for an eternity and I didn’t know what to do with them since I had barely worn them but I couldn’t resolve to give them away, so after giving it a good thought I took the plunge and customized them with textile paint by drawing little golden anchors... Ah the joy of DIY...


Look 3


I’m wearing an APC dress from an old collection, a jean jacket with sheepskin from G-star, André thigh boots and the famous vintage sailor hat (in any american surplus shop...) 


Look 1


24 mai, 2013