My chestnuts!

I’ve had the internet in that new flat of mine since yesterday, and hot water since the day before that, I can now say that I’m back in 2014. Oh god how challenging it is! I didn’t remember it to be so hard to lose your every bearings, to look for a new place to live, to fight to get it, to finally pack all your life, to make some space, to contemplate your future life in a new location, and to keep running your small business. My brain actually tried to sabotage itself on several occasions, but it tends to do it when I’m doing a 100 things at a time… Between forgetting the last workshop’s materials in a cab, taking the plane without an ID or losing my phone at IKEA, and all of that in 3 days in a row (one day I’ll tell you about one of my biggest sabotage…). But the good new is that it always gets back to normal, life goes on and there even is curtains to my windows for a couple hours…




Let me tell you… I visited this apartment 10 days ago, I got the answer on wednesday while in the train where I could only hear every other words. I slept away during my vide-dressing to sign on my new lease and last sunday was moving out on the morning and hosting the Petit Bateau workshop on the afternoon. I’m glad that the moving in is taking shape and that our new home is starting to be livable even though we still miss crucial stuff like a couch, a fridge or even a kitchen… But it will come along, I’m not worried… I’m going to be able to resume any normal activities around here !




And the real star on these pictures is Frida! This cat is crazy, I love my Frida, I’m not sure all the moving did her good, even if she is totally spoiled by us… She spends her day chewing some tape from the boxes, I don’t know if she attempts to tell me I’m not unpacking fast enough or if she just likes the awful sound it makes when she does it or the chemical taste it has… I - the professional compulsive pen-chewer- can certainly not judge her but please Fridou, if you ever read this, stop chewing tape during the night, thank you.




Moving on from the cat-related digression, today I’m wearing one of my favorite look of the moment, & Other stories pink pants from an old collection but another beautiful pink one is available here, Sonia Rykiel derbies shopped on Sarenza, a Lacoste Live shirt, a comptoir des cotonniers tuxedo jacket and a vintage man hat or a perfect Asos one here.

05 avril, 2014