Hello my little kitties! 

And yes, you are not dreaming, it looks like the blog has changed somewhat in the last few days…Well, nothing too crazy, I grant you, but still! Personally I love it, haha that’s convenient, don’t ya think? I think it’s refreshing, much like a new coat of paint on the house before the summer comes. I didn’t want to shake things up too much, I just wanted it to be the same but a better version…Do you like it? To inaugurate it, I’m back to my old ways with a bit of street style…



Everything in Yellow and Blue, I felt like singing “In Yellow and Blue” a bit like if Jeanne Mas were colorblind… In short, this weather has made me euphoric; knowing that I can wear a jacket mid-season gets me pumped! And I found the perfect, blue trench coat at COS. I think it looks so great, this velvety gabardine practically holds itself up…As you’ve probably seen on Instagram, I just can’t take it off…



And then while were taking the photos yesterday, we came across a post office and I thought to myself, I totally match. So I tried to climb the mailbox to sit on top of it but it wasn’t happening, with the heels, overalls…it was too complicated. So, no, this is not a post sponsored by the Post Office, even if subconsciously, I might have been inspired by it…What are you gonna do, inspiration is actually everywhere you look!  



For this post, I’m wearing white overalls from Lab Dip, lemon-yellow Sarenza pumps, obviously with sailors socks from My lovely socks. A super soft J.Crew, sweater, a balloon handbag by Bea Buehler and my blue lemons from Jimmy Fairly, which are now available on the website and in all their boutiques!  And I almost forgot the Karuna Balloo flower in my hair. Big kisses from your devoted postwoman!.

Translated by Ida Driscoll


25 avril, 2015