This is it my kittens, Spring is here ! 

I’ve missed you, I have so many stuffs I want to tell you ! First of all let’s talk about the sun and the long-awaited abandonment of the tights in my socks drawer this morning. How delightful ! Actually I had lunch on a roof top and it was so warm, so hot that it I had forgotten that the sun can really heat up and I now have the mark of my tee-shirt like a truck driver, but I’m not going to complain I’m good I had my dose of sunshine for the week. Awoken late, I’m finally rested and I feel ready to live life to its fullest, or at least this coming week. Especially considering that the week that just happened was full of development, full of government reform and more domestic war council that I can’t talk to you about yet (but it’s coming soon!)... So if the God of Creation is okay with it, I should have a tiny bit of more time for myself, for you guys and for the blog! I was telling you a few months ago of my want of a new design for this cyber space, well it’s slowly coming and I think things will change with the launch of the book, some news with the ergonomics, the browsing... Anyways I noted your wishes and the translation is also coming, and I’m counting on you to spread the news... I’m also working on my personal website (something like with the pictures of my projects from different areas in order to show you my job and to clarify some things for everyone (including me)... The start of this year 2013 really is the setting up of a new life for me... Keep going




Today I also want to give you a little news that should make you happy, it is making me happy anyhow: I’m collaborating with Arlettie, the famous organizer of prestigious private-sales, I’ll keep you posted about the next sales en avant-première. Stay tuned because there should be some nice ones in a few days... From wednesday you’ll be able to find this  little dress or this leopard coat at the Maje sale, I agree I’m a little obsessed with leopard these days. My Zara golden derbies, my Oh so handsome Galia necklace, transparent plexiglas glasses from my lover and a little knot made of fabric and wire from april’s My little box but I think I want plenty of them and a DIY should be on its way soon... Have a good sunny evening !

 PS: I’ve missed you and thank you for all your wonderful feedbacks about the videos, it makes me want to show you more... 

14 avril, 2013