Hello my little kitty-cats !

Ok, so I know that Valentine’s Day is not until tomorrow, but I couldn’t resist making this a day for a stylistic exercise. Hold on, wait, don’t leave because I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, I promise I won’t be too cheesy. Although in a lot of ways I’m far from what you’d call a “girlie-girl,” when it comes to V’day, I’m in my element, if only my man would fill the apartment with scented candles, buy me a box of heart-shaped chocolates, and wait for me in nothing more than a sushi birthday suit, a rose between his teeth…I would be in total ecstasy… Of course, yes, it’s basically a commercial holiday like Halloween and all too conveniently comes around only once a year, like Women’s Day…That’s all well and good, but we cannot ignore the avalanche of pastel marshmallows…So, we might as well just suck it up, and we will not turn our back on a little bit of love, nor on a singles party with friends where we can badmouth the couples in our entourage.



While reading over my article out loud at the office, the girls asked me what I considered a “girlie-girl” and if I’m not a “girlie-girl” how do I perceive myself…I had some trouble wrapping my head around it, I could define myself by negations like “I don’t like macarons, I prefer sausage”… A girl who likes things that are not necessarily made “for her,” but more things for “boys.” If Najat Vallaud-Belkacem reads this, she’ll hit the roof… The lemonade girls got the gist, and we started to make a list of clichés (non-exhaustive) of what so-called "girlie-girls" do, and what “tomboys” do, in our opinions…



And you can be sure that I consider myself a tomboy sometimes, but I love Love Actually and I call my man “my lover.”

Therefore, the “girlie-girl”:

  •  - She watches Love Actually,
  •  - She color-coordinates her undergarments,
  •  - She says she doesn’t like beer,
  •  - She finds the word "dick" to be crude,
  •  - She goes to Disneyland for Valentine’s Day,
  •  - Her mascara never runs,
  •  - She always has ballet flats in her bag,
  •  - She claims to like cupcakes (but she’ll never finish one),
  •  - She says "my lover",
  •  - She wears eye shadow.

And now the "tomboy":

  •  - She watches Love Actually and follows it up with Pacific Rim,
  •  - She color-coordinates her undergarments, that’s when they’re all clean,
  •  - She says she doesn’t like champagne,
  •  - Further to that, she goes for drinks at Dirty Dick’s,
  •  - She forgets Valentine’s Day exists,
  •  - She calls her make-up “this mess?”,
  •  - She ends up barefoot by the end of the night,
  •  - She goes to Mickey D’s as soon as she’s feeling lazy,
  •  - She says things like "my partner in crime",
  •  - She has lipstick on her teeth.



Personally, I totally see myself in the second list, but I also do “girlie” things quite often…Anyway, don’t hesitate to add to our lists!





To get back to our looks of the day, I’ve been fixated on colors for a few months now and I realized that on several of my mood-boards, it seems I’m always attracted to the same color associations…Red and Pink…Neon coral and Fuchsia, Light Pink and Candy Apple Red…Sometimes it turns into an obsession. And I find that they make for killer outfits, super visual and energized. So I did some shopping at different stores, went through my closets, and came up with my looks, as if I were working on a science. project. Thank you to the talented Pauline Darley for these photos.




Look 1: Skirt &other stories, pantyhose Esprit, Heels Monceau Sarenza, Blouse with a shirt collar Bianca, available soon as a DIY on our website, and Coat Tara Jarmon.

Look 2: Shirt Bandana H&M divided, dress &other stories, belt maison Boinet, coat Etam, pantyhose Esprit and shoes Carel.

Look 3:  Shirt Tara Jarmon, jacket Mademoiselle R, Pants Comptoir des cotonniers, socks Doré doré, Shoes Carel and Clips shoes Pimp my shoes.


Translated by Ida Driscoll



13 février, 2015