« Boohoo Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, that sucks, all this pink and red, it’s filled wilt good intention, hearts, glitter, champagne, chocolates, helium balloons, frilly panties, HELP! » 



Hého! Aren’t those things that you like every other day of the year ? I’m teasing you… But actually not so much. I have to say I like Valentine’s day. I don’t scatter my apartment with rose petals and I don’t wait for my boyfriend completely naked and covered in sushis, but I like this day (please get rid of that image right now!). I love receiving my  bouquet, eating well, putting on some sexy clothes and saying each other I love you… I also do it every other day on the calendar but I don’t know, I think it’s quite cool to take some time for your couple, isn’t it ?

« We shouldn’t wait for the 14th of february to say we love each other ». No, that’s true but isn’t it quite the same with the woman day ? There shouldn’t even be such a day !




And Valentine’s day is the celebration of love, the Day of Passion… There could be worst after all, the heads of marketing could have invented the Oscar’s Day to celebrate the war or the Sharon’s Day to celebrate bacon. Let’s stay calm. Because Christmas and all the presents are very commercial as well, Santa too is tainted! And the Easter Kinder® bunnies, chocolate wasn’t written in the bible, was it ? Let’s not even get to the Halloween topic… 

I’m telling you all this because I have some friends, who are in couple (important detail), that are so against Valentine’s day, they’d get really mad really quickly when the 14th of february is evoked, (almost) waving their crucifix and spraying holy water at me. And I’m not saying anything about the single ones, who would rip my eyes off if I dared talking about my tonight plans.




Okay I admit that for single people it’s not fair play from the heads of marketing of the world… But according to my memories of single young lady (that aren’t so far away), I had had awesome Valentine’s with my friends, drinking a bottle of Bordeaux and eating saucisson, while listening to a good old lame Richard Cocciante playlist until dawn.

Allez, je sais que je vous l’ai trop dit, mais je vous le dis quand même: je vous aime… 




So today I’m wearing a dress with little hearts Claudie Pierlot (it was now or never) that’s from a few years back but I found you this one in the same spirit… A Lacoste Live, teddy, H&M tights, Maje red boots also from a few years back but you can find erzats that are very valentine’s day spirit...

See you tomorrow for a DIY! And golden lemons were awarded! LOVE !

14 février, 2014