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Hello my darlings, Today we’re launching the Falbala blouse, the last piece from the ‘Les Baigneuses’ (The Bathers) collection. I’m obsessed with the Falbala blouse, I’ve been looking for the perfect frilly top for a while now. Something not too over the top, so you don’t look like a flamenco dancer, or icing on a cupcake... but the tops I see most of the time are too form­fitting, since I like to feel free to move around in my clothes... If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, so I designed my dream top. I wanted something feminine yet comfortable, something you don’t have to take off after lunch, if you know what I mean...
Falbala tops are made out of flowy fabric that won’t wrinkle if you decide to swap your high waisted jeans for a pencil skirt at the last minute. There are three different versions:
Never fear, they aren’t see­through thanks to a lining which makes them drape nicely and of course, keep their shape. What more could you ask for?
34_WEARLEMONADE_AVRIL2016_LaurenceRevol_IMG_4732 If it had been up to me, Falbala would have had three or four rows of frills but I’m lucky to work with Laure who stopped me just in time. But it’s up to you if tomorrow, with the pattern, you want to add more frills. Once again, I’m thrilled to present Falbala. Its’ trapeze cut and low cut back will be your best friend this summer. 15_WEARLEMONADE_AVRIL2016_LaurenceRevol_IMG_4571 As I was saying, I always have a hard time, well not ‘hard, but let’s say I have difficulties narrowing down my fabric choices for the collection. Chiara, in 5 different colors, is the perfect example, but that dress was a whole other story since all the versions seem to have found happy homes. I think that I should ask you for your opinion more often since after all, these collections are for you. By the way, what kinds of pieces would you like to see in the upcoming collections? I’m itching to show you the fall collection. Tomorrow the pattern for Falbala will be available. If you’ve subscribed to the PDF patterns, your Falbala pattern will be with your other ones. Oh, and good news for all beginners out there: Falbala is super simple to make, and for those more experienced, Falbala will be quick and easy to whip up just before going out, I’ll let you know more about it tomorrow.
  1. Hugs and kisses, can’t wait to read your ideas!
118_WEARLEMONADE_AVRIL2016_LaurenceRevol_IMG_5413Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
20 juin, 2016