Hello everyone! Today I’d like to talk about outfits to wear to work! As you may remember, I told you I’ve never really covered this topic. I’ve always been pretty comfortable picking out clothes. I rarely question what’s good or bad to wear to a meeting. But I do remember my mom yelling at me one winter when she saw me about to go out with my belly button showing... but what teenager didn’t do that in the 2000s? Anyways, besides that one time, I’ve never been told to change, besides that time at the bank that I told you about, not a big deal. Today, to add a little bit of fashion to our business week articles, I’ve tried to analyse and add some outfit ideas for different job situations. This list is non-exhaustive, of course. I didn’t do different profiles: construction chief, medical assistant, since I’m not too familiar with those fields, I prefer not to go too far. You’ll see, I made it very easy, by putting myself in other people’s situations just for enough time to take these pictures. Right now I’m dealing with projects that aren’t really my thing, like signing leases, going to the bank, meeting investors, speaking in public about my job... At these times, I sit on my bed, dressed in a suit, chaos all around me (like clothes have literally exploded from my closet) and I feel stressed out like before a hot date. I call my friends, freaking out: WHAT THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR TO ASK FOR A LOAN? Oh yeah! They don’t teach you that in the movies.

For this outfit, I’m wearing a navy blue jacket and a nude bodysuit by Wear Lemonade, jeans and velvet booties from Asos, and an adorable leather bag from Tammy and Benjamin.

Anyways, in this article, there are three big sections. For “creative” jobs, “classic” jobs, “freelance” jobs, professional interviews, meetings, etc... Once again, nothing is definite, everything depends on the field you’re working in. I think you just need to do a little online research on the business, something you should do anyways to get ready for your interview. Or, if your search isn’t successful and you’re still not sure, I suggesting hanging out near the building at the lunch break to see what’s in style... I think this outfit is great for working in a press office, ad agency, or with young people, where everyone’s wearing Stan Smith’s... but for a job at a fashion house, I think that you should forget the jeans and go with a nice dress, colorful but not flashy, with either perfectly fitted clothes or with the below style where I would change the purse for something more elegant, or the other outfit below with the green jacket!

I’m wearing a pale pink Asos trench coat, a Monoprix sweater, an Argument x Chacok necklace, Julietta pants, and a Wear Lemonade tote bag, as well as made in Sarenza boots.

This outfit isn’t anything new since it’s what I wear almost every day. I think the brown hues are lovely, and a flowy trench coat always looks professional for an interview or meeting, it gives you a serious and classy look. The clothes you pick out must fit you well, it’s very important. So how do you know if they fit? If you’re not sure, it doesn’t. No, but seriously, when you’ve got it on, if nothing tugs, folds, wads up, and you feel comfortable, it’s a winner! When you find the perfect clothes, one less thing to think about and you’re already a little more confident... let those that have never tugged on their skirt while waiting in the lobby before an interview throw the first stone!

I’m wearing the Simona Wear Lemonade blouse, a Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket, straight leg pants from La Redoute, shoes and a bag from Tila March.

This look is kind of like a ‘costume’ to me, as if I have to go back to work at the bank tomorrow. I think that it gets easier with practice, because while writing this, I’m thinking that I should have worn high waisted, rust colored pants with a cream colored silk blouse and a black jacket, that would have looked nice. I almost have outfit ideas for going to work in fields more classic than mine... I read your comments about how values are blocked in a far away decade. Long skirts and dresses, sparkly shoes, bright colors on a jacket or patterned shirts shouldn’t make you doubt the competence of the person wearing them. But I guess there are two different ways to look at it. Either you don’t care and wear what you want like a rebel or you fit into the mold, and only wear crazy outfits on days off and weekends. It’s a shame to hold yourself back just for them. I would wear the most outrageous colors and hurt my coworkers eyes by mixing up patterns if I could... Well, I can, but at the studio, everyone’s a little bit crazy, so I don’t have anything against anyone... the frustration I may have getting dressed is just a routine that in reality is fun for me.

I’m wearing a velvet Dita dress by Wear Lemonade, a Zara jacket, Maje boots, and a vintage purse.

Variation on the same theme. This is how I actually get dressed for doing serious stuff. It may change slightly over time, depending on if I’ve done the laundry or not... but this is more or less my serious interview outfit! I’ve really noticed how the interviewer’s attitude may change depending on the outfit I’m wearing, I’m not talking about low cut tops or skirt lengths, I wouldn’t dare, but rather about the colors and patterns. Darker outfits make me seem more serious, and my interviewer isn’t distracted by the patterns on my dress and pays attentions to what I’m saying... so stay dark yet colorful.
Don’t laugh. This is how it is, the sweatpants are optional, because I spend a lot of days without pants before 5pm during the week. This may not be true all the time, but it has to be said: working at home isn’t easy. One of the reasons why I started to look for a office was so that I could stop procrastination at home, and start wearing real clothes and get off my couch.. And sometimes, client meetings happen at home via Skype... it’s the only time I interact with others during the day, but if you aren’t used to it yet, you just get dressed on top! Not good! Get out and go to a co-working place!
All of this goes to show that whatever you decide, you have to keep moderation in mind for all those key moments. If only you knew how hard it is for me to write this... anyways, the clothes you wear aren’t the decisive factor in the HR director’s final decision. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and your outfit brings you the confidence necessary to do well at your interview... The idea isn’t that you get dressed up like me, but if you have a tendency to dress extravagantly, it’s time to calm down. The important thing is that you are remembered rather than the outfit you’re wearing. And the opposite is true too, if you’re lost in clothes that are too big and sad looking, they won’t make a good impression. It’s not the end of the world but it’s important. Take a deep breath, everything will be fine. Hugs and kisses!
Translated by Whitney Bolin
30 novembre, 2016