It took me some time to post this little Helsinki City guide since my teaser, but it’s because I needed to process this trip that changed my habits much more than what I had expected. Let me tell you, it is the middle of August in Paris, a beautiful weather and we decided, Mai and I, to grant ourselves with a little break from our studious summer. We land, the weather is terrible, it’s raining all the time and everybody apologizes for it!

We will learn later that there were only 4 days of rain during the summer in Helsinki and well, they were for us, out of our 6 days trip! Ha ha so it’s in the rain (I’m definitively doomed but I’ll come to that later) that we discovered this city and, well it was quite exotic because at first it wasn’t easy to plan something into an overcast city, to learn how to love a city in the rain isn’t obvious.

Days flew and Mai and I laughed so much, this girl really is a living antidepressant. We met awesome caring people so full of talents. We saw crazy things and I’m thinking about the Marimekko factory that remains my memory number one and the house of the architect Alvar Aalto.

This city made me want to do things, to throw myself into colors, and to get to the point. And one important thing is that we eat well! I still didn’t get over it. Organic is like a second nature there, local culture, very fresh and healthy food, responsible cooking are the key words of this town! I rarely enjoyed eating fresh and simple food so much. As if flavor and taste were tenfold.

Today getting back to this trip, and making this little notebook; I realized that this destination allowed me to understand how to travel differently, how to enjoy real, essential and less immediate things such as inspiration: doing good to your soul (so important) and discovering another way of eating and consuming: doing good to your body (sauna is a basis there!)





Now I want to go back to see the northern lights…

05 novembre, 2013