My little cats!

How glad I am to be able to find some time to write to you! The back-to-school season is crazy, it keeps its promises, this weekend is a huge weekend for me, I'll tell you about a project I've been working on for months and that is finally coming to life I'm so excited! Anyways, back to our point...

Today I'm posting a little video of my august trip to Helsinki with my loving friend Mai, it is a sort of teaser for the big article I have for you with tons of addresses, beautiful encounters and vibrating colors... In the meantime you can catch a brief glimpse of my trip to the elves' and goblins' country!

I have so many things in mind, so much desire and beautiful things coming to me... And that will of course arrive around here soon! I can't wait to share all of these with you. How good it is to write to you! I'm sending you a coach full of positive vibes, love and desires.

Your faithful hyperactive carebear...



Merci Amandine, Satü, Virpi... et Tania bien sûr!

06 septembre, 2013