From left to right: yellow armchair from Made.com, Moon «for love» available soon, Sofa from La redoute, Cushions from DIY and Leroy Merlin, Coffee table from Sengtai, Rug from La redoute, Wicker armchair from Atelier du petit Parc, Frames from Ikea, Habitat and Ferm Living and Miffy Lamp from chez Fleux.

Happy Saturday, my little woodland wolves!

Hey, “woodland wolves”, I hadn’t used that one yet! I hope you are all doing well and having a great start to your weekend, I’m back today with an article on decorating so I can show you a new room in my little nest. You’ve surely already seen a bit of it in my do it yourself article on Mexican cushions, but now I think I’ve really started to settle in. So nothing is set in stone, things may very well still change, and knowing myself I will add stuff, but I feel like it’s really starting to come together, with room to breathe and unlikely combinations…



Desk by Made.com, vintage chair, litter box from Fridouska found here, desk lamp from Habitat, corkboard from diy, inspired by this customization. On the coffee table : blue trays given to me by my sweet Mai, and cactus from Ikea. Hanging, paper lampshade from Habitat and various vintage frames from Ikea.

Let’s start with the walls: It’s Middleton pink from Farrow and Ball, and on the other wall is vichy XL mint-colored wall paper from the adorable little brand of Baartsch. A moon made out of wallpaper, done by my sidekick Alexandra Bruelnd I, one of our projects for love...Incidentally on sale very soon at the famous home-decorating boutique called Make My Lemonade I was telling you about yesterday…Today I’m telling you about my home because I have a solid gold reason. Indeed, Pinterest is launching a campaign all about decorating…Pinterest has asked me to be the Deco-Ambassador for the month of November: “For my home”. This could not have happened at a better time, as I have been more than inspired by Pinterest to decorate and furnish my own apartment, and it gives methe opportunity to remind you how wonderfully this tool works… I might be breaking down already open doors but I think this may interest some of you…Mom, this one’s for you, listen up carefully.



So what exactly is Pinterest? It’s a social network but that’s not all… For example it’s one of my favorite work tools and I promise I’m not being paid to say that! Let me explain: On Pinterest, you can find inspiring and inspired images that users can pin up in their accounts, all organized in tables like virtual inspiration dashboards. The images come from everywhere, from Pinterest in a closed circuit, from the internet, from any website you can pin up your images thanks to the button “Pin it” that you can install on your favorites toolbar. In this way, as soon as you find a great image that fits perfectly with your style mode, kitchen or decoration, you can pin it up directly to “fashion”, “food” or “dream home”  boards. In the past, we used to tear out pages from magazines in waiting rooms, now we “pin it”. But you can also take images from users you follow, into your own boards, and it’s not stealing. I say that because when Pinterest first came out, I didn’t dare “re-pin” images from other accounts that I followed…But that’s the point, we share… But you can also import your own inspiring images which are patiently waiting to be printed and pasted in the “future projects” notebook for your home. Save some trees, use Pinterest.



Vintage coffee table, yellow lamp from Habitat, Cactus made of plaster from Seletti, Floor Lamp with marble base from Made.com and built-in table and chairs from Ikea.

In short, Pinterest is like my daily gymnastics for the brain, I could procrastinate for hours on it, so instead of losing myself in the abyss of the internet, I allow myself no more than 20 minutes of Pinterest at the start of the day. I either pin all over the place when I'm not looking for anything in particular, or I pin methodically to complete a table of presentation to a client. Wonderful tool for understanding a creative intention ... And a little trick, sometimes some images, particularly those imported directly by users, do not give the sources and origins of the image; so for that, I suggest you import the said image in google images by clicking on the small camera on the right of the input box, to more easily find the origin. It's always better to know where the images come from, especially if you use them in a professional capacity and want to contact the creator of the image...




I hope you enjoyed this short illustrative video ! Thanks to Nathan for his patience and these images ! Thanks to Alex for the song and as a bonus for your astonished eyes, here is the step by step process to create your own lampshade made of woven plait multi-colored threads...




In order to do this you will need:

  • - Thick multi-colored woven thread, found here,
  • - two lampshade frameworks of the same dimension (at least on one side),
  • - Wire cutters,
  • - and brass wire.

Using your wire cutters, start off by cutting the part that will be fastened around the light bulb, cut this area on only one of the frameworks.




Next, using about 8 cm of brass wire, fasten the two frameworks together. Place the two frameworks one over the other and fasten them together at 4 points by rolling the brass wire as shown in the picture below.




Now take your first color of thread and start to make a tight knot in the middle of your two frameworks, and begin to weave, choose the rhythm, and the space that you want to use between each part. As for me, I started in the middle, worked my way up the lampshade, I went around the small diameter, came back to the middle, then went around the two large diameters and I worked my way downward going around the small diameter and once again in the middle, and so on and so forth…



I changed color every time I reached an intersection, but nothing is to stop you from making a two-tone or monochromatic lampshade, and once again, have fun! And TA-DA !




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