And here is the first of a, let’s hope so, long and beautiful « Hot Spot » series on the blog… I feel like creating new sections lately. So why this one ? Because I love tracking down new addresses, going hunting on new places, eavesdropping to hear about crazy spots, opening my eyes wide open… It can be restaurants, shops, coffee places and so on… I love being the « test girl » and even more saying « But we have to go there, it’s going to blow your mind! »




To begin with I’d like to inaugurate this new section with the Blue Valentine - that didn’t just test… I went there a couple of times but what a discovery! Let me tell you the story, I met Léna, the owner of this restaurant, when I did the photo shoot of the Brunch chapter at La chambre aux oiseaux, another one of her babies… And I was told about Blue Valentine by Hervé, who work there, remember Hervé and its wrapped salad ? Well the restaurant had only been opened for a couple of days and not thinking twice we tested it the following day with my love: wonderful.




I literally love the place, in between Scandinavian design and mind-expanding atmosphere. The first time I was surprised and wasn’t sure of liking this unlikely mix of styles and the others times it became obvious, the magic is working… But let’s talk about the sum and substance: the food!




It’s a Japanese chef working there, I cannot find the words… It is as beautiful as it is tasty, when the meals arrive it is a colorful, graphic and delicate party. I found the « tiny forest » dressing I discovered in Helsinki. I am in heaven, it’s fresh, aromatic herbs and wild flowers are dancing around. I take my time to savor, which rare enough to mention it… The fishes and meats are perfectly cooked. I even ate pigeon one night, so unlikely that I could choose such a meal, and it was awesome. The menu is simple and evolve every day depending on what is fresh and the inspiration of Chef Saïto Terumistsu. 

And wild flower on top of the tiny forest, the price is affordable given the quality and the level of the meals coming out of the kitchen… Count on 36 € for starter, main course and desert. 

Open from wednesday to sunday.
Brunch, one menu on saturdays and sundays from noon to 3 p.m.
Booking advised.

  • Le blue Valentine, 
  • 13 rue de la Pierre Levée, 
  • 75011 Paris.
  • 01 43 38 34 72
18 février, 2014