Hello darlings! Moving right along with the lovely Princesse Tam Tam x Wear Lemonade collection, here I have a fantastic Christmas present for you: the pyjama pattern! You may already know that our business revolves around offering ready-to-wear or ready-to-make fashion using our sewing patterns. When we started to work with Princesse Tam Tam, I thought that they would never share the secret of how they make it! When started my blog, my father said to me: “But are you really going to give your ideas to everyone?” (I’ve already told you this). But in the end, SHARING with you was the best idea ever and keeping my ten fingers busy and telling you stories is what keeps me going. Over the course of multiple meetings while designing this collection, I submitted my slightly crazy request to Princesse: “Could we have the pattern of the main piece, the pyjamas?”. I was afraid of getting the same reaction as from my father, “We can’t give away our secrets!”’. But after several discussions, it was decided. Princesse Tam Tam also likes to spoil sewing fans! Hallelujah!
Today it’s all about the pyjama top! We’ll share the bottom’s tutorial later on, since it would have been overwhelming to explain it all in one video. The collar is still a bit tricky to sew... We plan on sharing the bottoms December 22nd: that way once you’ve finished the top, the pants will be online. You can take a sick day in order to finish it all by the 23, if you want to give it as a gift! Just kidding! The free pattern is available to download here and also in the pdf section if you’re a subscriber. Speaking of pdf’s, the pyjama tops and bottoms are your patterns for the month of December, and in January you’ll be able to get the Simona blouse and Ada, the lovely pencil skirt...
blog-lisa-chemise-pyj-tamtam-1 We made this pyjama top out of our lipstick viscose fabric, available on Wear Lemonade! We found the raspberry red bias at Fil 2000 and the buttons at Prym, also available at Fil 2000.
  • To sew this pyjama top, you’ll need 1m50 of fabric to make the biggest size. I suggest using viscose since it’s soft but a nice poplin fabric works too. If you don’t plan on sleeping in it, you may also use stiffer fabrics!
  • The PDF pattern, available here
  • 5 buttons, to be covered 12mm
  • 2m of matching piping, but you can also make a handle and trim it, as well as a chest pocket!
  • a little bit of patience for the suit collar and piping!
Sending you lots of warm hugs and kisses, can’t wait to see you in your pyjamas! Send us your pictures of you wearing your pyjamas during the day! The tutorial might seem difficult at first, especially the elastic back. But to tell you the truth, we made it in two and a half hours (not counting cutting out the pdf and fabric which, let’s be honest, is the most annoying part!)
Photos Olitax and a lovely Bouquet Pampa Paris !   Traduction by Whitney Bolin[:]
14 décembre, 2016