Hello friends! Today’s all about sewing! This is the very first sewing project of the year; I hope there will be many more! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop buying fast fashion and to sew at least one thing (that isn’t for a tutorial!) a month. To be continued! I’ll keep you posted and share what I make on social media! So, let’s get back to the lavalliere blouse: Simona! I really like this top because at first glance, it looks really complicated, but it’s actually really easy. I tried not to say “it’s so easy” every minute in the video, even if it is true! I was surprised to see that you often choose the Bianca blouse or Lola dress as your first sewing pattern, which are collared shirts! Collars always look more difficult than they actually are... so the only thing that might be tricky about this blouse are the tear-proof tabs on the cuffs. But that’s it, and that’s not impossible.
I really wanted to make the Simona blouse out of a silky, mustard colored polyester fabric. So I did, but what a hassle! I think that we could have spent less time making the video if I had picked poplin, viscose, or cotton veil fabric instead. But the truth is that I really like a flowy, loose fit with puckered cuffs that can look kind of 70s-ish if you wear the removable lavalliere... I’ll leave it up to you to decide on the difficulty level.
  • To sew this blouse, you’ll need 2m20 of fabric from a bolt 1m40 wide for the biggest size, or 2m60 if it’s 1m10 wide. I suggest using viscose because it’s very soft, or polyester that isn’t too flowy works too. For those who prefer a more ‘matte’ look, you can use natural or synthetic crepe fabric,
  • The pattern is available on paper by clicking here or via subscription by clicking here. Don’t forget that the seam allowances are included. We’ve indicated if they’re French seams!
  • 9 buttons 8 or 10 mm wide,
  • Some interfacing (50cm, pick something thin and knitted, if possible)!
make-my-lemonade-comment-coudre-une-simona-4 Remember to share pictures of what you make on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the #DIYWearLemonade hashtag or on our community page! For the next collection, we’re going to modify our pdf subscriptions but don’t worry, we’ll give you all the details beforehand, I promise! I’d also like to let you know that we’re finishing off our upcoming collections... so if there’s something you’d like to sew and wear, let us know. The Carlotta shorts, Julietta pants, and Pierrot pyjamas are all thanks to you! Hugs and kisses! make-my-lemonade-comment-coudre-une-simona-2 Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
13 janvier, 2017