Hello my darlings, I have good and bad news for you: the good news is that I’m back! And the bad news is that it’s impossible to do everything at once. For a long time, I naively thought it would work: the Lemonade Shop and I could keep posting articles as usual. But the answer is no, it’s impossible to do both! Well, it could have been possible, but I think that I wouldn’t have been very talkative... which isn’t really me. I always have lots to say, all the time... That’s why today I’m here to show you the step-by-step video for the Julietta pants. It’s very late, I’m sorry about that. This is our first pattern in the “Midnight Bloom” collection. I promise that we’ll catch up all the patterns soon- the Thelma cape pattern will be available in a couple weeks. We’ll have lots of things to show you for the Créations et Savoir Faire fair!
I’d also like to say that we’re all so happy you liked the Julietta pants because this is the first time we’re trying out a pattern for pants. It’s definitely something we’ll do again! I have bell-bottom overalls in mind for the next collection... Like always, at the end of the year I like to ask you what kind of clothes you’d like to sew, so please share your wildest dreams below in the comments. Without further ado, here’s Julietta’s video. Speaking from experience, avoid fabric that’s too thin like cotton poplin (what we used...). Even if I’m sure it would be a dream to wear, it’s a pain to iron!
I must admit I was a little worried about the Julietta pants. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been nervous about sewing pants. But luckily, my darling Laure, the Sewing Pattern Queen, proved to me again that nothing is impossible and I made the Julietta pants at lightening speed, I promise.


If you made the Carlotta shorts a few months ago, the zipper shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll be able to put the pants together in the blink of an eye. I really wanted to make the Julietta pants out of colorful corduroy. Maybe mint green, or mustard yellow since I’m already addicted to the white version available on Wearlemonade. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get the chance to try the Pavone version since you snatched it up too quickly (the real story is that my mom stole my ‘sample).
Here’s what you need to know about the pattern:
  • To make the Julietta pants, you’ll need 2m of fabric for the biggest size from a bolt 1m40 wide or 2m50 of fabric from a bolt 1m10 wide
  • I suggest using a slightly rigid fabric, like gabardine, corduroy, or fabric for a man’s suit, or flowy denim, or for something completely different, crepe.
  • It’s really important to pay attention to the grainline! And if you choose to use plaid or striped fabric, be careful where you stitch on the sides and derrière!
  • The seam allowance is always 1cm, like on our all our patterns!
  • You’ll need a 20cm pants zipper that matches the color of your fabric, as well as staples (two is better, done by hand!)
  • You can use a little bit of interfacing for the belt if you need to
  • The paper patterns are of course available here, and for those who prefer using the PDF subscription, that’s available here.
Translated by Whitney Bolin
27 octobre, 2016