My darlings, As promised, here are the step-by-step instructions to make these lovely pyjama bottoms! I’m very proud to have been able to put it together since the team worked like crazy in order to be able to get this last pattern to you on time... I’m also happy to share this article with you today since, to tell you the truth, this year’s many activities are slowing us down right now, but we wanted to post the pyjamas just before Christmas! I admit that we were all a little afraid of the difficulty level of the set when we got the pattern, especially for the belt. In order to avoid any nervous breakdowns over the holidays, we made it a little easier and the finished product is still the same, except that you won’t go crazy! Promise!
I loved making this as much as the top. By the way, the top got me back into liking sewing (not just doing tutorials... I like that but sewing while being photographed and filmed at the same time doesn’t always go smoothly!). It was such a pleasure to make it that I made a second pair last weekend out of Hawaiian pattern viscose fabric. They’re so lovely! I can’t wait to make the bottoms too, it’s already on my schedule for Christmas break... I’m not sure if I’ll wear this one during the day! I’ll let you take a look at my tropical version in this Instagram post. Without further ado, here’s the pyjama bottoms video as well as the link to download the pants (it’s also available in the ‘my patterns’ section of your pdf subscription).
We changed the pyjama belt, mostly because there were a lot of pieces before. I love the elastic back. The first time I saw it and realised that we were going to make it ourselves, I kind of freaked out since it looks so complicated. But after making a few changes, it’s now super simple!
make-my-lemonade-pyjama-julio-tuto-4 Here’s what you need to know for this Julio bottoms tutorial :
  • You’ll need 1m50 of fabric (we decided to make it out of our viscose fabric since it’s really comfy)
  • An elastic band 0.75 cm wide (plan on using 99 cm to make a size 36 EU, 105 cm for size 38 EU, 111 cm for size 40 EU, and 117 cm for size 42 EU, to be cut each time in three’s),
  • Grosgrain ribbon (approx. 130 cm, to be cut in two),
  • And the free pattern you can download here or in your personal space if you’ve subscribed to the pdf

Hugs and kisses, happy holidays!

Translated by Whitney Bolin

21 décembre, 2016