Happy Monday my darlings, I haven’t said anything these last few days on the blog after the tragedies in Nice and Turkey this weekend. I admit I feel tired and very sad. I don’t want to get used to these disasters, I don’t want to keep quiet, I want to continue to ‘live’. I don’t want to learn to live with this sword of Damocles hanging over our heads either, but all the same, this feeling of deja vu is awful. I don’t have any answers, but when times are hard, I like to do what makes me happy: create and share. So here we are, we’re going to keep doing things and sharing our inspirations...
This week we had planned on telling you about a theme that we love: ‘ICE CREAM’. Pastel colors, sugary sweet, light and happy... I hope it’ll do you some good. I know that I often say this, but it holds true now more than ever: if you’re artsy, feeling down and in need of inspiration, I recommend, no, I prescribe 20 minutes on Pinterest each day. And so you don’t get sucked into the internet, set an alarm and when 20 minutes are up, put your hands up in the air! Your left brain will thank me... Hugs and kisses, you can see more of these pictures on our Pinterest account’s ‘Ice Cream’ board. By the way, remember when I loved ice cream three years ago...! What about you? What does ice cream make you think of?
18 juillet, 2016