Ice ice baby week #4

Happy thursday my chestnuts ! 

How days fly! I write volumes every day, it looks like I have a lot to say... In the series «live my life as a company boss» I would like to talk about my doubts.

Today, I work every day, yes every day... Because yes, when you have your company and your office at home well there is no saturday, sunday or even bank holiday... So I’m a little machine, but I love what I do, I’m one of those you get up very early in the morning because I liiike it and I feel like I’m about to do so many amazing things during the day: create, meet, blog, discover, learn. I love it! But my greatest fear is that everything stops as fast as it all started if I take a little break. So today I try to learn how to compartmentalize my timetable in order not to burn out. I try to let my computer go after a certain time, I try to take a little week of holiday (WITHOUT THE WIFI...). So it can seem crazy but my greatest  anxiety today is to stop working and let myself be. 

There are many more things that I’d like to learn such as... Patience. Okay I’m patient enough to sew hundreds of sequins on a shirt but, I was still talking about it yesterday, I have zero patience regarding my projects, planning a long-term project is a torture to me, for instance the book took a year and it was very frustrating for a project-bulimic like me. I want to do everything now, and I mean now... 

Okay so today I shared my doubts... I wanted to thank you for your awesome comments, it is truly amazing to read your positive feedback about what I’m telling you and about this project with Lili that I loved doing... If you want to find the black sesame ice cream recipe, rendez-vous on Lili's article... Personally, I think this manicure is my favorite of the week!


Cones-4289 copy


Photograph Camille de Laurens for Ma Récréation and Make My Lemonade. Sesame ice cream made by Lisa Gachet. H&M Sweatshirt, Nixon Watch. On the nails : Rose Milk and Smokey (on the edges) nail polishes from Kure Bazaar. Nail Art : Yumi Toyama and Sophie A.

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