My little cats, 

Today - a little later than the other days - is the last but not least manicure: glitter falls and stainless background... To carry on our working girl series... Yesterday I was talking about my doubts, today I’d like to talk about my desires. Don’t worry, my doubts are not stopping me from living but I have to say that sometimes when I look at the «why I am at full speed all the time ?» situation, my deduction is that I might be afraid that this hurly-burly of projects, adrenaline and novelties stops. 

Anyhow I wanted to thank you for your comments I’m really truly happy to have such kind and cool readers as you!

Anyway, today as I was saying, I have millions of desires... But mostly I want to make more set design projects, windows, series of pictures like this one... But also I’dl like to design clothes again or, why not, be the artistic director of a clothes collection... It’s true that it is my job in the first place... I have so much fun when I have confines or when I put myself some... 

This is like my Santa’s wish-list in the middle of July... But one day I realized that when I wrote my desires or my goals, it made them more tangible and it made me provide myself with the means of accessing them. You now know (almost) everything... See you tomorrow for my favorite picture !




Photograph Camille de Laurens for Ma Récréation and Make My Lemonade. Eskimo Pie made by Lisa Gachet. Alexandre Vauthier Ring and Edie Borgo Bracelet at Le Bon Marché. On the nails : Capuccino nail polish from Kure Bazaar and a silver glitter lacquer at the base of the nails. Nail Art : Yumi Toyama and Sophie A.

12 juillet, 2013