Happy Tuesday everyone! This week’s theme starts here. And yes, this is a special week that starts on a Tuesday! Hey, why not? Even if the photos and graphic content are ready, the writing is always more or less written ‘live’ and still being thousands of miles away, the working conditions are a little bit hectic, but I’m happy to announce that the lemonade and chai will be plentiful this week! We’ve prepared lots of inspirational content that’ll whisk you away to this travel destination I’ve always adored: India. There’s so much to say about the country... I think that it’s a place that leaves nobody indifferent; you either love it or hate it. I went with my best friend six years ago for five weeks, talk about culture shock! I think that we brought as many books with us as we could, about the culture, religion... I was spellbound by the different facets of this country but also appalled by the human condition, the pervasive poverty and above all the treatment of women that I saw during our trip. It truly is a country of extremes! But I remember coming home changed, without really knowing what to think about what we experienced. I’m convinced it opened my eyes to how fortunate we are to live in a country like ours, even if I did come home refreshed by the multitude of colors, fragrances, and sounds. As soon as we passed by the slightest colorful wall, I went crazy. The paintings, statues, scents, elephants, cows, spices, jewels, and fabrics bring back a whirlwind of memories. When I met Fanny B., who lived in Jaipur for 7 years, and heard her talk about the craziness, the slowness, the colors of the country, it really made an impact on me: I want to go back... so I don’t know when that’ll be but the idea’s growing on me. I want to dive back into the memories, so let me show you a few pics of everything the culture means to me... Here’s a little moodboard full of pictures I picked on Pinterest! See you tomorrow for the first DIY of the week! Translated by Whitney Bolin
05 avril, 2016