Happy bank holiday honeys! 

How previously asked by a reader, «I’d like a striped sailor t-shirt Them week...» Well, I mixed it my way to make it an «IN THE NAVY» Theme week, at a time where the words «Riviera», «Croisette» and other «petit pull marine» (little navy blue sweater) are on every lips, I also wanted to give you my own interpretation of this monumental tendency that is «Sailor», «Capitaine, mon Capitaine» or «Oh mon bateau»... I already made you a sailor collar, it now seems to be ages ago remember! Well now the challenge if you’re new here, is to make a recipe, a DIY, a wish list and a look around this theme, and since I’d like to surprise you, you will have few surprises this week, on the content and on the style... I’m not saying anything more, I am so bad at keeping surprises... I made a new presentation of my inspiration grid, I hope you’ll like it! Hugs and kisses, and see you tomorrow! 


inspirations in the navy


You can find these images on my Pinterest!  I love you very much ! 

20 mai, 2013