No you are not dreaming at all…

I also cannot believe it! The Wear Lemonade dream continues and becomes reality. Few months ago, the Jonak French shoes team contacted me and asked me to create a capsule collection for the winter season. I did not have to think a lot and I immediately accepted! Actually, I had something in mind for a while. It is so unreal to draw the shoes of your dreams… I was not supposed to talk to you about it right now, but only at the moment we will launch the collection, that is to say at the end of October/beginning of November. However… The preparation is so exciting, the drawings, sketches, materials, fittings, and soon the visit of the factory, the lookbook… This adventure is so awesome and I really wanted to share with you each step of this collection right now… Am I impatient? Not at all(!).




I tell you the story… When I was little, I did not like shoes. I only remember a pair of red slippers I had but that is all… It was not much fun to buy shoes for me. My mom found a ruse: each year she bought me the same pair of shoes; it was a pair of black or brown leather low boots for winter and classic black sandals for summer. I probably also had a pair or two of slippers or babies to match with my lovely dress and to please my grandmother… Then, it was the teenage period and I started to love shoes! Actually, my passion for shoes appeared when I came to Paris, almost 10 years ago and I knew it for sure when I started my first job at Saint Laurent. I love shoes, all my shoes… I often have shoe crush. Maybe too often.

However, I am a shoe lover but I only make reasonable purchasing decisions, most of the time. I buy nice shoes but not really expensive ones. I do not want to feel guilty because I crashed my shoe jewelries. I have amazing pair of shoes (2 actually) that I do not wear much. Opening the boxes and looking at them makes my happy, like if I had collection pieces. Anyway, just to say that when Jonak contacted me, I told myself that they would make perfect “shoe partners in crime”. To me, they have a real product culture and they are really attached to the quality/price ratio. I thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with them because they have the same state of mind than Wear Lemonade, which is to offer a European production with fair prices.




For this collection, I wanted to draw 7 must have pair of shoes that we all need to have in our closet. From the heels to the low boots and the slippers… declined in different colors and two versions: a crazy and a classic one… Everything will be associated to the next Wear Lemonade collection! It is going to be amazing!
Tell me what is your shoe must have?

I send you biggggg kisses!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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02 septembre, 2015