Hello my birds!

We stay in a pink and silver theme because I promised you to show you more about the adventures with Jonak. I think the preparation part is the most exciting one actually: the prototypes, fittings, modifications, the whole construction of the collection, the new drawings, cuts, it is so good! Sometimes, I realize that I will not have enough days in my life to try all the different jobs I love and it is very frustrating…but I have to admit that since I started this project with Jonak, drawing shoes and clothes is finally what I love the most in my life… Obviously, if it would be successful, that would be the cherry on the cake but it is not what I would remember of this experience.




Say hello to the Diego boots, the loves of my life, I cleaned my closet for you and I am so impatient to welcome you there my precious.

I do not think that I told you this before, but I am crazy about details. If it is not perfect, I do not like that and we start again. If it is not perfect but we do not have time to go back, I am in a bad mood for days blaming myself. Thus, I try not to make the same mistakes again. Sometimes, I do not even have time to blame myself because life goes faster and we have to move on very quickly. For this shoe collection, I did not want to find myself in this kind of situation. I wanted it to be perfect down to the smallest details because you do not have the opportunity to create a shoe collection everyday! We took our time to do the right thing, even if we had to start over because we wanted more coherence. I fought for the polka dot lining, the color of the soles and with Marie, the Creative Director, we went to Portugal to follow the production of the models… and so on.




I am very lucky because Marie is also crazy about details and it is very nice because we agreed on almost everything, she could finish my sentences and vice versa! We are on the same page and it was a real pleasure to work with someone as perfectionist. The shoes you can see on the pictures are not the final ones, only prototypes. Some models have been cancelled and all the shoes are not presented in this post… I want to surprise you! In the next post, I will show you some pictures of the shooting we have done with Pauline Darley, a short video too but also the making off that I have been able to film in Porto in the Jonak factory!




You will find 7 models in the collection; I listened to you in my previous post so it is going to be 7 crazy must have pair of shoes (indispensable for your closet)… If you read Friday’s post, you already know that the shoes will perfectly fit with the next Wear Lemonade collection! I can assure you that we never have enough glitter or pink shoes… Get ready because the 30th of October the collection will be available online and also in few Jonak stores. I will tell you more about it soon!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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10 octobre, 2015