Hello my little kittens !

I hope you are doing well, today I’m going to tell you a funny story. Almost a year ago, I discovered the incredible work of Charlotte Abramow, an amazing photographer who is 20 years old. In your face ! I cyber-stalked her on Instagram so I could meet her. We met up, and I fell for her. She’s funny, talented, and totally nutty. We started working together on the blog here and there, and now she is the photographer responsible for the photos in my two upcoming books. Then, one September’s day, Charlotte calls me up to ask me to make a little black dress out of paper for a project she is doing at Gobelins.  The subject is a diptych for La Petite Robe Noire perfume by Guerlain. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Charlotte is still in school in order to fine-tune her craft… Since the subject amuses us, we design and create an ephemeral non-woven, black dress. A 6-hand project at the office, a fine example of a lemonade studio product.


Photos : Charlotte Abramow, Make-up : Ophélie Secq, Hairstylist : Jonathan Dadoun and Model : Adeline Jouan

Several days after seing the photo, Guerlain contacts me out of the blue, and asks me if I’d be interested in collaborating with them. Like Ace of Base, I saw the sign, and when I arrived at the meeting with them, I immediately showed them Charlotte’s pictures. They fell hard for her as well… So today, I give you the fruits of our collaboration, our little black paper dress, to be posed, wherever you like, free-standing, and most importantly to be sprayed with perfume that gives off your favorite aroma like a new fragrance for the interior.



For this DIY, you will need :

  • The template of the dress, download here
  • Some black paper,
  • A blunt scalpel,
  • A Small ruler,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • Some black non-woven fabric.


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-guerlain-petite-robe-noire-1 copie 

To get started : download and cut out the template of the dress. 




Trace it onto the black paper and cut out the two parts, back and front.`



Now you have both pieces and can move on to the assembly !



Using your blunt scalpel and your ruler, go over the edges every so slightly to facilitate folding later on. And now fold !



Grab your glue and assemble the shoulders of the dress using the flaps.



Now move on to the sides, assembling them carefully by gluing each flap.




The basis of your dress is ready, we can now move on to the ornamentation ! Cut out strips of non-woven black fabric of various widths (from 1 to 4 cm) and 30 cm long.




Fold the strips like an accordion by pinching the non-woven fabric with your nail, do the same for all of the strips.




Take your glue and apply some onto the top part of the strip, pat lightly with your finger to get rid of the excess glue.



Gently place the first frill on, and wrap it around the dress.



Take a second frill and place it on top of the first layer, and continue on this way with the different sizes, do as your heart desires.



And TA-DA !


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-guerlain-petite-robe-noire-13 copie 

Now you can spray your non-woven fabric with some perfume, La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain (preferably) so that it can diffuse the scent throughout your room !




And because I love to spoil you, I am giving you the chance to win the whole line of these little Guerlain dresses, to do so, it’s real easy, just post a comment telling me what your little black dream-dress would look like ? I’ll choose the winner at random next Monday at noon. The results will be posted at the end of this article !


You can consult Terms and conditions here.


Translated by Ida Driscoll



11 mars, 2015