Hello my little kitties!

We end this week with a last DIY and I hope you enjoyed the Lemon Week because we had so much fun doing it! Today’s guest is Antoine, Charlotte’s lover! Last winter, I discovered Antoine’s passion for bikes renovation when he transformed an old bike into a Rolls Royce for her Charlotte. Glitters and matt paint: Amazing…




I asked him to take care of my little white bike that spent so many months outside and really did not look well anymore. He turned my little rusty bike into a Lemonademobile! I am going to show you this radical makeover! If you also want to restore the old bikes you have in your cellar, Antoine really does a great job and he offers his services for €100 per bike (excluding purchase of new equipment), so if you are interested, you can send him an email at!




As a little aside, I wanted to talk about good deals on the web and especially thank the Holland Bikes eshop for giving us some equipment to restore the lemon bike! Here you can find some stuff that have been changed or added to the bike:




I have always wanted to have a nice saddle on my bike but I admit that the main issue in Paris is theft. For this reason, Antoine had the good idea to create a kind of dissuasive lock tying the saddle to the bicycle’s frame with the bike chain (a yellow one, of course!)




I never really liked the idea of having a basket on my bike but I have to admit that it is very practical to carry so many things. I only wanted to have a metal one like E.T.s and then I have realized that you need to have a luggage carrier to put you basket on. However, it is not often the case for old bikes with little wheels! For this reason, Antoine fixed the basket to the handlebars thanks to a lot of plastic clamp collars and here we are! As a bonus, he is going to share with you the glitter bike handles DIY that you can also realize with leather!




You need:

  • - The pattern that you can download here
  • - Glitter fabric or leather
  • - Pen
  • - Scissors
  • - Tape (around 2m for both handles)
  • - Hole punch plier
  • - Cork
  • - Double-sided adhesive tape

To start, print and cut the pattern.




Use the tip of the scissors to create holes in the pattern and draw it on the other side of the fabric or leather.




Cut the shape of the handle and use the hole punch plier (diameter 0,3cm).




Check that the handle has the good proportion (it is a standard size but it is better to verify). It has to cover the whole tube without overlapping.




Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive tape that should be the same length as the handle and stick it in the middle.




Then, stick the super glitter handle to the bike thanks to the double-sided adhesive tape but anticipate the place of the lace before doing it.




Then pass it through the two first holes facing this one. Keep it that way crossing the tape and always pass the lace from the inside to the outside of the handle.




Here we are, you probably feel as proud as the first time you tied your shoelaces! Twist the extra tape and put it inside the handle.




Now cut the cork in two (one part of each handle). Put them in each handle hole. Do not push too much because you will not be able to take it back (unless you have a corkscrew)! If the cork does not really fit, you can bevel it with a cutter.




Cut two circles in the glitter paper (once again these are standard sizes but do not hesitate to measure the diameter of the handle just to be sure). Put some glue and fix them to the cork in order to have a perfect finish! Here we are!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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28 juin, 2015