Hello my little kitties!

I am so excited to share with you this special week: The Lemon Week! Little competition with the Fashion Week that is coming very soon in Paris… Moreover, I managed to convince many talented people, mostly men, as contributors for this thematic week!

Why a lemon week? I think it was pretty obvious when your blog’s name is Make My Lemonade and the deliveryman calls you Lisa Lemonade… And I am also wondering why I did not organize it sooner? It is crazy to see that for few years, my family and friends bring me some lemon gifts from their trips, yellow presents or they tell me stuff like “I put neon yellow nail polish and I have thought of you”… I have to tell you that really like it and I start to have a nice collection of yellow objects… If I had more space is our office, I would hang all the yellow gifts they gave me to the wall, like a small lemon cabinet of curiosities or a trophy wall! More recently, my lover bought me lemon yellow bed sheets and I am not sure it is the more relaxing color to sleep but I appreciate that…

As I am talking about this, I am wondering if you already dare wearing yellow clothes? I think sleeping in yellow sheets can be a bit antinomic but wearing yellow clothes is very exciting, a real source of happiness. I am not telling you to dress up like a stabilo boss either, but a yellow touch can be nice… A Wear Lemonade skirt for example, with a Karuna Balloo silk flower in the hair and a pair of heels… what a pleasure! Try not to smile if you see a woman wearing a yellow dress…not that easy! 

I send you big kisses and see you all tomorrow!

For more lemony pictures, check out my Pinterest account! and thank you for being so many there!


lemonTranslated by Coralie Clair

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22 juin, 2015