Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well. I’m on cloud nine, I’m just so happy, everything’s great! For those that have dropped by, you already know all about it, and to all the others: Welcome! We’re at the corner of 14 rue du château d’eau and 18 rue de Lancry. Two addresses for one place, aren’t we lucky! We’re only here for two more weeks; we’re packing our bags October 30th. Until then, we’re open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11AM to 8PM! Isn’t it amazing? Come see us at our pop up store! ‘Pop up’ is such a funny expression, kind of like the sound of blowing bubble gum that pops and then starts blowing up again... or like a store that suddenly appears in an unexpected place! I think that the word “pop up” really represents the temporary aspect of it all.
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There are quite a few of you who’ve asked me: “why just one month?” We did this to see if enough people would come, to see what it’s really like to have a store, to test problems linked to organization, space, schedules, inventory, merchandising, and the payment system. We’ve already learned over the past two weeks that it’s a lot of work! All thanks to the great Semaest program that’s trying to liven up and make neighborhoods friendlier by making it possible to rent places for reasonable prices. Our pop up store is part of a “business tester” in the 10th arrondissement! Now I’d love to open up our own real store in the neighborhood. The rue du château d’eau street and the area is changing very quickly and I hope that we’ll find a place that’ll help us also find happiness!
So, the word “pop up store” is probably the word that I’ve used most lately. It’s given me ideas to have a real store later on with workshops related to the collections, with bigger work spaces too. Now that I have this goal, I just feel so much more energized right now! As if fatigue and germs can’t hurt me (or not much anyways). It’s as if meeting you and getting live feedback is a new drug and source of inspiration! Thank you for this!

Thanks to Alexandra and JM from PaperMint for these amazing windows and signage and for their unfailing support and kindness. Thank you to Benoit being so available to help with putting up the signs!

It’s such a strange feeling to see you wearing the clothes we’ve designed! It just makes me so happy. You might say that it’s nothing new, that Wear Lemonade’s already been around for over a year. But now it feels more real and tangible. The Internet is revolutionary, but we don’t get to see you leaving with your little floral bag under your arm... the collection is selling so fast that it makes my head spin! For those that are interested, we’ve kept the aisles full by adding pieces from older collections in order to add something new to our store!
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For those passing by the capital and all Parisians, you still have 15 days left to come visit. For all the rest, I hope that in a few months we’ll be able to welcome you for good! Here are a few pictures of the place.
Thank you, to the entire Lemonade Studio team for the energy you’ve put into this great project and to all my friends and family! Thank you to Farrow & Ball for the colors worthy of the store and Leroy Merlin for our lemonade stand on wheels! Thanks to Hans Boodt for letting us customize our mannequins! Thanks to Am.pm for our co-working and workshop spaces’ furniture! Thanks to Sonos and Apple for all of the technology you let us have in order to make it a unique experience! And thank you to Deliveroo for being there for all our events! Translated by Whitney Bolin
19 octobre, 2016