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Today another post for this special week, the famous DIY we imagined for Levi's during the last workshop! I do not know about you but for me, when I am wearing a denim jacket, I have the feeling to be 17 again… As if this piece of clothes was a time machine, I could wear Vans shoes with a ponytail and my backpack that I customized with pens and Che Guevara badges…I now clearly see myself when I was 17, with one dreadlock and a shell that I attached to it, what an amazing idea I had! I cannot stop talking about how time flies! Anyway, I am always so happy to wear denim jackets again and I am proud of the “college” embroidery DIY results! As I told you, I think that doing DIY on denim fabrics is a little bit sacred… What about you? What are your favorite denim customizations? I am curious to know them!




For this DIY you need:

  • - Sponge fabrics (you will find some at the Marché Saint Pierre, in many different colors),
  • - Thick heat bonding tape,
  • - Download free “college” alphabet on like this one,
  • - Scissors,
  • - Double-sided adhesive tape,
  • - Pen,
  • - Thread and needle.




Firstly, cut one heat bonding tape strip so that it fits the width and the length of your word and I advice you to choose a small one (max 5 letters)… Do it for the sponge fabric too. You can find various types of sponge but for the DIY it would be better to use a thin fabric (less fluffy) so that the final result be the best.




Use the iron to fix the heat bonding tape. Cut the letters in a ticker paper (like Bristol) and draw the shape on the heat bonding tape.




Be careful because you need to put the letters on the other side so that they will be on the right one of the sponge. It is simpler and easier to draw and cut the letter thanks to the rigidity of the heat bonding tape.




Cut them and use (if needed) small embroidery scissors or wire-cutter for the inside of the letter. That would be easier (and I know what I am talking about…)! I really want to write dozens of colorful things on a denim jacket like an all over alphabet with words mixed together…




Then, you will be able to put the letters on the back of the jacket (or on the pockets, sleeves, as you wish). In order to facilitate the next step (embroider the letters), undo the Levi’s tag so that you do not have to get thought the leather (and I know what I am talking about again).




Start with the middle letter to homogenize the space between each of them. Use the double-sided adhesive tape to fix the letters so that they will not move during the sewing process. No need to put some everywhere, just in the middle or your needles will stick to the letters… (and I know what I am talking about again and again!)




Now take thread and needle so that we can start embroidering! Firstly, sew the sponge placing the needle from the underside to the upside. Then, sew again but placing the needle from few millimeters of the sponge (in the denim jacket). Try to stay close enough to the edge of the sponge so that we cannot see the stitches.




Keep it that way and when your thread is too short, just tie it: you have to make a classic loop to put a stitch, pass the needle into it and pull. Here we are! You have a knot! Keep going you will see that embroidery is very calming. Hold the jacket like this so that it would be easier for you to sew. Do not forget to “clean” and “shave” the letters with small scissors in order to cut the ugly threads!




Turn your work, it is almost done! Sew the four corners of the leather tag and here we are! You are ready for the remake of Grease! I send you big kisses!



Translated by Coralie Clair

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24 juin, 2015