I really was wondering if I should write something here or not. I have come to the conclusion that I had to speak about it because it makes me so nervous. I am not writing you as Make My Lemonade but as a human being who has a heart. Since last Friday, my heart is broke… as well as yours I guess. I will not tell you how I am handling it because all the people I know who were there or who have been witnesses, are “fine” by chance… I just wanted to tell you that we could not be scared, we must continue to live, do and move on for ourselves but also for the others… I am not telling you that we cannot be sad, but we cannot be afraid because we do not want these monsters to win. I do not know what tomorrow will be made of but I just hope we will not face another “again”. For those who “are staying” it is the beginning of a fight and no amalgam is allowed. We have to keep doing, loving, talking, making, and celebrating. It is probably easier to write this rather than doing it but at least we can try. For all my little kitties at the studio, for my friends and family, for you who took some time to read me, let’s make all of this less ugly. We need to share and stick together.

I send all my love and thoughts to everyone who lost someone on Friday the 13th of November and to those who are still looking for good news…


Thank you Lorenzo Papace for letting me use this picture.


Translated by Coralie Clair
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15 novembre, 2015