Hello my darlings! We’re continuing this week’s theme with a recipe... So to recap, when we were in northern India, we didn’t find a lot of restaurants that had naan bread, but they had Chapati instead, a different sort of small Indian bread, like a pita without yeast that’s prepared on the spot on a hot plate, unlike naan that has other qualities particular to itself. I remember that while we were there, we were true taste­bud adventurers. In some restaurants, there weren’t English translations so we had to blindly order, and there was not a single unpleasant surprise, that’s how I tasted the palak paneer, an amazing dish with spinach that I seriously want to make! By the way, paneer is the Indian cheese that makes up many dishes, and in India you won’t find paneer naan made with Laughing Cow or Kiri cheese. These cheese naans, that we know and love, are an invention made to satisfy Western palates, and as you may imagine, paneer is a hassle to make... At the Lemonade Studio we’re big fans of cheese naans, so here’s a recipe that will help you make your very own Indian bread, perfect as an appetizer or to quench your appetite with a colorful salad. Oh and another thing, in order to make it following the rules of naan making, you need a special oven, a ‘tandoor’, a sort of cave­oven but ya know what, it also works in a very hot wok...
make-my-lemonade-india-do-it-yourself-cheese-naan-1 For approximately 4 large naan breads, you’ll need: ­
  • 275 g sifted flour,
  • 1 pinch of sugar,
  • 10 g fresh baker’s yeast that can be found at your local bakery, ­
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder,
  • 3 tablespoons Bulgarian yogurt,
  • 5 tablespoons melted butter
  • 8 pieces of Kiri cheese


To start, in a large bowl, thin out the baker’s yeast and sugar in 16 cl lukewarm water, then add half of the flour. I suggest you put everything in a mixer, working the dough for 5 minutes until it’s completely mixed. Cover the dough with a clean towel and let it rise for 30 minutes. Then add the yogurt, baking powder,the rest of the flour, and 4 to 5 tablespoons of melted butter and mix again for 5 minutes. Cover and let it set for another half hour. Heat a wok pan on high heat and lightly coat it with the rest of the butter. Take a ball of the dough and spread it out on a floured workspace, flattening it out into a long, oval shape. Put your naan in the pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Serve warm and enjoy!

make-my-lemonade-india-do-it-yourself-cheese-naan-3Translated by Whitney Bolin

07 avril, 2016