Hello my little kitties,

I hope you are feeling well! Today I will talk to you about one of my favorite topic: stationary! I am a big fan of nice cards, I even have a huge collection at home that I keep religiously and when I am not okay, I just open the box as if Pinterest was real. It gives me energy and inspires me. Each time I see these cards differently and I love finding inspiration in there. For my wedding, I really wanted something special!




Some time ago, when the book "Dis moi Oui" written by Elodie and Anne Solange has been published, I met Sarah, their graphic designer. This girl is just awesome and full of ideas! Few months later, I heard that she was the owner of the creative studio: Studio Mister M that produces these lovely cards, invitations and inkpads. During the preparation of the wedding, we saw each other again and I talked to her about our weddings invitations. However, while explaining to her, I thought it would be too complicated for her to do it because I really had a precise idea of what I wanted and it also excited me to do it myself. Nevertheless, I really wanted to mix both our personalities so we decided to imagine together a complete cards collection for the wedding.




After a Pinterest session on a common board, Sarah drew some sketches of the collection. She loves stripes and I am a polka dots addict… We first started to create something very graphic but I finally wanted to have a lemony touch, to match with the image of Make My Lemonade. Sarah automatically understood and created a yellow/black/white line that I just love and I really wanted to have a nice typography as if someone wrote with a brush… I think stationary is really part of our wedding decoration. Now it is time to go on Sarah’s website to find the theme of your wedding and order your “Save the date”!




The “Frida and Pierrot” collection I am showing you right now will be available online very soon on Sarah’s website: Studio Mister M. You can also meet her at the "Andy" alternative wedding festival on the 7th of November!




On my side, I could not resist to show you the cards I realized for our wedding… The theme was all about the moon and blue shades! I am very “cosmic” these past days, you will see, and I did not want to do something too girly because I was not the only one to get married and even if Thomas trusted me, it was better to have a mixed design for the cards.




In each kraft envelopes, we put silver confetti to give some magic to our guests’ daily routine, and they obviously have been very HAPPY (their neighbors too)… It was also a little clue concerning my glitter dress…




We also made some embroidered patches as sugared almonds that we put into paper boxes. We used this Belgian website for the patches, the quality is very good and they are very quick, I recommend you them!




The letter was composed by a main invitation for the district office and the lay ceremony/party, one ticket to the moon with an access plan to go to the ceremony, a small card for the dress code, and lots of confetti! We printed everything at Magenta Color, one of the best in Paris.




Then Sarah offered me this nice inkpad and you can also do yours on her website! I hope you liked it, I send you big kisses and see you tomorrow for more adventures!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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20 octobre, 2015