And here is the last post of these two theme weeks! I hope you enjoyed it… Anyway I had a lot of fun making them and it made me want to prepare other special weeks as complete as these, to meet people, to follow leads, to make inspiration boards etc… To explore new paths! Here really is my playground and I love discovering it again every time I have such wonderful feedbacks from you, so to thank you I’d like to have you win this DIY!

A flower week wouldn’t be without some flower power! So to tell you the story I had this saddle bag sent by Rock Mafia in April and Elise and Charlotte, the designers of the brand, asked me to imagine a DIY customizing their emblematic model: the US army saddle bag. I had just made a post where I was customizing a leather bag without damaging it too much, I didn’t want to make two posts alike at the same period so I gave it some time… I have to admit I am a girl that takes her time, or I should say that lets time do the rest and waits for the inspiration to come, there are some things that you cannot force.

Then at the beginning I wanted to cover a mini skirt in flowers (well as a matter of fact it is completely possible to do it on the same basis) then my look went on this ARMY saddle bag… EUREKA make love not war, it was perfect.

And a significant little bonus: you can win this flowery saddle bag by telling me an anecdote about yourself. This time tell me how you do to get inspiration? Do you go out and have a drink with some friends ? On a movie ? A show ? 12 hours on Pinterest ?  Tell me everything and I’ll draw the winner on Friday at 12.

With this, I’m closing these two theme weeks but I think you’ll see flowers really soon around here… Oh, the joy of « Horticulturitis » !




To make this DIY, you will need:

  • a saddle bag or a skirt or even a cushion… anything that can be covered!
  • a pair of scissors,
  • flowers templates to download HERE,
  • some string and a leather needle,
  • fabrics of different shades.




To start with, draw the edges of the templates with a wood pencil. Then cut the shape of the flowers with fabric scissors. You need 4 shapes to make a flower.




Then take your first shape, fold it in half, then again. Then thread your string into the needle and sew the first shape folded in four, into its peak.




Do the same with the other three shapes, thread them into the needle. You can definitely make flowers with more than 4 shapes if you want your final flower to be fuller. 




Slide the shapes onto the string and make severals really tight knots to finish your flower. Don’t hesitate to use your needle through the shades to make your knots.




And TA-DA! Almost anyway, here you are with a little fabric flower. Now, repeat these steps with different fabrics. To cover the saddle bag, I needed about 25 flowers. Yes, yes, you have to be patient and ask people around to help you, your friends, your little sister or your grandma, it will keep your family busy for the rainy sundays to come.




Then with your leather needle, sew the verso of the flap of your saddle bag and thread your first flower on your string.




Then embroider your flower on it, don’t hesitate to sew your flower several times in order for it to be really fixed. Then make a strong knot on the verso of your flap.




Keep embroider all your flowers, don’t hesitate to sew them quite close from one another, it will give it a full finish touche like a swimming cap, well you’ll see… And TA-DA! And for the curious girls asking themselves about my nail polish, I’m wearing the brunette color from The Beautyst. I’m waiting to hear from you!


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And the winner is Violaine, the Harp player.

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21 octobre, 2013